League Coordinator - Chris Marriott

Special Announcement

Channel your inner Kingpin at our Coed Bowling Leagues. Throughout the year we have bowling across various lanes in Phoenix. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or just looking to get out, meet some new people and have some fun we’ve got something for you. So grab your shoes, pick up your ball and let it fly.

Registration is available for full teams or Individuals/Free Agents.

Fall season 2018 is SOLD OUT.  New season is January 2019

League Announcements


Open D1 Standings

Fat Boys Blue5022681817
Phoenix CelticGreen/White5112091116
Buck UtdPurple4121612414
Carlisle FCDark Blue4301612412
Green Flag FCGrey3311317-410
Heavy Petty ZooDark Grey241131217
Red Rock FCBlue1601215-33
Metropolis FCBlack061738-311