League Coordinator - Mark Watson

Hoop it up with us in Phoenix’s premier basketball leagues. Registration is open and the next season tips off on June 26th.

We offer Phoenix’s largest basketball leagues with all levels of play including Men’s Rec, Intermediate or Competitive as well as Coed Rec or Intermediate.

We play at locations all over the city so you should find a convenient location for you to get in the game.


League Announcements

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Standings

DTPHX Basketball Standings - A Division

RankTeam NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
1Hoops I Did it Again761506360+146
2Dunkin Donutsblue761451363+88
3Grit n Grindblack752588468+120
53rd Street734434400+34
7Better Call Gasolwhite/orange716352429-77
8Uber 2707228463-235

DTPHX Basketball Standings - B Division

RankTeam NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
1West Lillie HoopsPurple761437315+122
2Horses in the BackWhite or Orange862469409+60
3Faith Christian CenterBlack/gold743451384+67
4REBU TechBlack743373413-40
5Chef Curry835431476-45
6Pippen Ain't Easy725306374-68
7ICF BallersBlack/blue725295373-78
8The KINGS716326425-99

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Schedule

DateTimeMatchResultDivisionCourt #Location
WEEK 1ASU Downtown SDFC Gym
330 1st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
6/26/20196:40 PMREBU Tech vs Horses in the Back34-64B1ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20197:25 PMJayhawks vs. Better Call Gasol70-61A1ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20198:05 PMDunkin Donuts vs. 3rd Street54-46A1ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20198:50 PMGrit n Grind vs Prolific100-72A1ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20199:35 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20196:40 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs. Pippen Ain't Easy55-19B2ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20197:25 PMFaith Christian vs Chef Curry71-46B2ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20198:05 PMHorses in the Back vs ICF Ballers56-37B2ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20198:50 PMThe KINGS vs Hoops I did it Again44-80B2ASU SDFC Downtown
6/26/20199:35 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20196:40 PMDunkin Donuts vs. Better Call Gasol58-51A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20197:25 PMOwls vs. 3rd Street60-87A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20198:10 PMOwls vs Most Hated48-61A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20198:55 PMUber 2 vs Prolific40-86A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20199:40 PMGrit n Grind vs Uber 2122-50A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20196:40 PMPippen Ain't Easy vs Hoops I did it Again39-70B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20197:25 PMREBU Tech vs Chef Curry53-52B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20198:10 PMHorses in the Back vs. The KINGS61-48B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20198:55 PMChef Curry vs ICF Ballers53-34B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/10/20199:40 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs Faith Christian69-60B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20196:40 PMUber 2 vs Owls37-52A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20197:25 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20198:10 PMDunkin Donuts vs Hoops I Did it Again57-59A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20198:55 PM3rd Street vs Prolific65-71A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20199:40 PMBetter Call Gasol vs Grit n Grind59-70A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20196:40 PMThe KINGS vs REBU Tech64-47B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20197:25 PMChef Curry vs West Lillie Hoops63-49B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20198:10 PMICF Ballers vs Pippen Ain't Easy44-34B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20198:55 PMHorses in the Back vs Faith Christian57-44B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/17/20199:40 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20197:00 PM3rd Street vs Better Call Gasol66-47A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20197:45 PMDunkin Donuts vs Uber 256-28A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20198:30 PMHoops I Did it Again vs Prolific51-55A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20199:15 PMGrit n Grind vs Owls78-81A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20199:40 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20197:00 PMChef Curry vs Pippen Ain't Easy53-41B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20197:45 PMHorses in the Back vs West Lillie Hoops53-68B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20198:30 PMFaith Christian vs REBU Tech50-53B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/24/20199:15 PMICF Ballers vs The KINGS43-42B2ASU SDFC Downtown
B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20197:00 PMHoops I Did it Again vs Uber 282-42A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20197:45 PMDunkin Donuts vs Owls67-59A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20198:30 PMGrit n Grind vs 3rd Street73-56A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20199:15 PMProlific vs Better Call Gasol75-65A1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20199:40 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20197:00 PMThe KINGS vs Chef Curry43-59B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20197:45 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs Faith Christian49-52B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20198:30 PMREBU Tech vs ICF Ballers61-48B2ASU SDFC Downtown
7/31/20199:15 PMHorses in the Back vs Pippen Ain't Easy59-46B2ASU SDFC Downtown
B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20197:00 PM3rd Street vs Uber 265-31A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20197:45 PMBetter Call Gasol vs Dunkin Donuts69-90A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20198:30 PMProlific vs Owls56-68A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20199:15 PMHoops I Did it Again vs Grit n Grind80-64A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20199:40 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20197:00 PMChef Curry vs Horses in the Back62-67B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20197:45 PMPippen Ain't Easy vs REBU Tech70-55B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20198:30 PMThe KINGS vs West Lillie Hoops30-64B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/7/20199:15 PMFaith Christian vs ICF Ballers70-53B2ASU SDFC Downtown
B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20196:45 PMDunkin Donuts vs Owls69-51A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20197:30 PM3rd Street vs Hoops I did it Again59-64A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20198:15 PMHoops I did it Again vs Better Call Gasol50-40A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20199:00 PMProlific vs Grit n Grind70-81A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20196:45 PMREBU Tech vs The KINGS71-65B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20197:30 PMChef Curry vs Faith Christian57-104B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20198:15 PMHorses in the Back vs West Lillie Hoops52-70B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/14/20199:00 PMICF Ballers vs Pippen Ain't Easy36-57B2ASU SDFC Downtown
B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20196:45 PMBetter Call Gasol vs OwlsConsolationA1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20197:30 PMOwls vs 3rd StreetConsolationA1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20198:15 PM2 Dunkin Donuts vs 3 Grit n GrindSemisA1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20199:00 PM1 Hoops I Did it Again vs 4 ProlificSemisA1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20196:45 PMThe KINGS vs Pippen Ain't Easy ConsolationB2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20197:30 PMICF Ballers vs Chef CurryConsolationB2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20198:15 PM2 Horses in the Back vs 3 Faith Christian SemisB2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/21/20199:00 PM1 West Lillie Hoops vs 4 REBU TechSemisB2ASU SDFC Downtown
B2ASU SDFC Downtown
8/28/20197:00 PMFree Agent Pick Up