• Ambulance1

    Call an ambulance or not?

    The Arizona Sports League stresses a safe, casual playing environment for our participants.  We limit physical play and at times deny people from playing based on their physical play.  Yet this is a Sports League and anytime you play in an organized sport there is […]

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  • Soccer Ball And Foot

    Medical Insurance

    We always get asked if we have comprehensive sports insurance for our participants, unfortunately we do not.  Soccer, Lacrosse, and the other sports we offer are all physical sports.  Even playing in our Kickball leagues carries a chance for injury.  There are accidentally insurance policies […]

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  • Lacrosse11

    Adult Lacrosse League

    The Arizona Sports League is proud to be the only adult lacrosse league in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We play lacrosse games in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and a few other east side cities. Our lacrosse league is aimed at both the casual lax player and […]

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