Adult Dodgeball Leagues & Drop In

League Coordinator - BreAnna McCarty

Special Announcement

Dodgeball, bringing back memories of elementary school at it’s best. When you think of dodgeball you may think bruises and pain, but not with our foam balls. A friendly game of dodgeball is just what you and your friends need and a great place to meet new ones.

We provide a safe and fun dodgeball environment for friendly active people to get together and have a good time.

New Season Kicking Off Monday Indoors June 10th. 

When? League night is Monday nights indoor in Tempe @ Westside Multi-Generational Center.  Games between 7-10pm.

What?  6 on 6 dodgeball.  Foam 7 inch balls.  Teams & free agents are welcome to join.

Who? Adults 18+ male and female.  All skill levels.  The emphasis is on keeping things competitive but fun and social at the same time.

Where? Mondays – Westside Multi-Generational Center in Tempe (Indoor)  Benedict Sports Complex Tempe (Outdoor) Tuesdays.

How?  Sign up here or checkout our helpful FAQ which will answer most of your questions.

In addition to league play, we hold tournaments through out the year in the Tempe/Chandler area. If you are interested in more information on tournaments please email us at: to sign up.

League Announcements

Congrats to the Spring 2019 Champions MotherDuckers, make sure you join us Monday nights for the new season!  



Team NameJersey ColorWinsLossesPoints
Balls of Fury
Skillz that Kills
Smoking MeatBallz


Week 1
06/17/197:00 PMBalls of Fury vs
Smoking MeatBallz
Westside Multi-Generational Center
06/17/197:45 PMMotherDuckers vs
Skillz that Kills
Westside Multi-Generational Center
Week 2
06/24/197:00 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
06/24/197:45 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
Week 3
07/01/197:00 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/01/197:45 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
Week 4
07/08/197:00 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/08/197:45 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
Week 5
07/15/197:00 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/15/197:45 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
Week 6
07/22/197:00 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/22/197:45 PMWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/29/197:00 PM1 seed vs 4 seedWestside Multi-Generational Center
07/29/197:45 PM2 seed vs 3 seedWestside Multi-Generational Center
08/05/197:00 PMTBDWestside Multi-Generational Center
08/05/197:45 PMOPEN PLAYWestside Multi-Generational Center
08/19/19NEW SEASON