Please select all the leagues you or your team can play in just in case your primary one is taken. We will contact you to find out which one your prefer or you can leave a message in the comment box.

Looking at the weekend of SEPTEMBER 18th to start all the leagues.

Our leagues are sanctioned with certified officials.  We offer Golden Boot award for top goal scorer, shirts for the league champions,  and Wooden Spoon trophy for the winner of the consolation bracket.

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Team Form

There will be a team deposit required to lock in your spot.  If you plan to join a league that has limited space then I suggest paying the team deposit quickly.

Each team is responsible for getting the payment to the league.  We can setup a player payment option online to help the teams out, but  the team is responsible for ensuring the total team fee is collected.

* indicates required field

After making your selections you can do the soccer team deposit.  THIS IS REFUNDABLE up until Sept 4th.  If you pick a league that is full then you’ll get your money back.  If you change your mind you’ll get your money back.  We just want to ensure those that request a spot in the league are serious.

Individuals Looking to Play

Individual Player Form

You’re getting this email so we have your information, but PLEASE enter in your email address to make our lives easier.

We will collect a player fee up front so the captains do not have to worry about it and so you know your payment is going to the league. This is optional, but teams take those free agents who already paid. (One less thing they have to worry about)

* indicates required field

Complete the form above and then submit payment.  This is not mandatory to get on the sign up list, but some leagues do fill up and paying the deposit ensures your team will get into the league.


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