Thursday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Jeramy Bollinger

New Season Kicks Off April 11th 2019

Our Thursday flag football league is a fast pace version of the game.  6 on 6 format.. The league is non-contact and designed to be played at a fast pace with an emphasis on the passing and running game.

Leagues run year round and our Thursday night league is east valley based.  Games are generally played in Tempe, Mesa or Chandler

Need more info, here you go:

What?  6 on 6 flag football.  Flag provided.  8 week season. 7 league games then playoffs.

Where?  Fall 2018 season is at Wetswood High School Mesa.

When?  Thursday Nights between 7-10pm

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels.  Male and female.

Info? Games last roughly 1 hour per night.  We use licensed flag referees.  Awards for winning teams including a special MVP award.

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up or check out the FAQ to get more info on the leagues rules and format.

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Current Champions // The Free Agents // Fall 2018



Team NameJersey ColorWonTiedLostPoints ForPoints Against
Bye WeekWhite711252137
Deep ThreatsRed702312118
Never SettleBlack702201160
The Free AgentsBlue504215197
Westside ValeBlack405209293
Finkle Is EinhornBlack315187236
Norfolk In ChanceBlack306206196
AZ FireBlack216117309


Week 1
January 17th 20197:30 PMThe Has Beens vs. Finkle Is Einhorn38- 14Westwood High School
January 17th 20198:15 PMNever Settle vs. Deep Threats14 - 36Westwood High School
January 17th 20199:00 PMThe Free Agents vs. West Side Vale50 - 20Westwood High School
January 17th 20197:30 PMNorfolk In Chance vs. Bye Week0 - 7Westwood High School
January 17th 20198:15 PMThe Has Beens vs. Bye Week26 - 22Westwood High School
January 17th 20199:00 PMAZ Fire vs. Thunder30 - 30Westwood High School
Week 2
January 24th 20197:30 PMNorfolk In Chance vs. Westside Vale24 - 26Westwood High School
January 24th 20198:15 PMNorfolk In Chance vs. Never Settle12 - 17Westwood High School
January 24th 20199:00 PMThe Has Beens vs. The Free Agents20 - 40Westwood High School
January 24th 20197:30 PMThunder vs. Never Settle6 - 19Westwood High School
January 24th 20198:15 PMFinke Is Einhorn vs. AZ Fire24 - 26Westwood High School
January 24th 20199:00 PMBye Week vs. Deep Threats36 - 6Westwood High School
Week 3
January 31st 20197:30 PMAZ Fire vs. Has Beens7-0Westwood High School
January 31st 20198:15 PMWestside Vale vs. Thunder19-12Westwood High School
January 31st 20199:00 PMWestside Vale vs. Never Settle24-41Westwood High School
January 31st 20197:30 PMBye Week vs. The Free Agents43-26Westwood High School
January 31st 20198:15 PMFinkle Is Einhorn vs. Deep Threats6-40Westwood High School
January 31st 20199:00 PMThunder vs. Norfolk In Chance24-18Westwood High School
Week 4
February 7th 20197:00 PMThunder vs. DABNM26-20Westwood High School
February 7th 2019745pmFinke Is Einhorn vs. Norfolk In Chance26-19Westwood High School
February 7th 2019830pmFinke Is Einhorn vs. The Free Agents12-26Westwood High School
February 7th 2019915pmDeep Threats vs. The Free Agents24-20Westwood High School
February 7th 2019730pmWestside Vale vs. AZ Fire45-6Westwood High School
February 7th 2019815pmDeep Threats vs. AZ Fire57-8Westwood High School
February 7th 20199:00 PMBye Week vs. Never Settle26-19Westwood High School
Week 5
February 28th 20197:00 PMAZ Fire vs. Norfolk In Chance6-55Westwood High School
February 28th 2019745pmDABNM vs. Norfolk In Chance27-26Westwood High School
February 28th 2019830pmDABNM vs. Westside Vale26-30Westwood High School
February 28th 2019915pmBye Week vs. Westside Vale42-12Westwood High School
February 28th 2019730pmThunder vs. Finke Is Einhorn18-22Westwood High School
February 28th 2019815pmThunder vs. Deep Threats8-34Westwood High School
February 28th 20199:00 PMThe Free Agents vs. Never Settle20-32Westwood High School
Week 6
March 7th 20197:00 PMDeep Threats vs. Norfolk In Chance18-25Westwood High School
March 7th 2019745pmDeep Threats vs. DABNM49-19Westwood High School
March 7th 2019830pmWestside Vale vs. Finkle Is Einhorn18-43Westwood High School
March 7th 2019915pmBye Week vs. Finkle Is Einhorn28-28Westwood High School
March 7th 2019730pmAZ Fire vs. Never Settle14-34Westwood High School
March 7th 2019815pmAZ Fire vs. The Free Agents14-38Westwood High School
March 7th 20199:00 PMThunder vs. The Free Agents12-14Westwood High School
Week 7
March 14th 2019730pmWestside Vale vs. Deep Threats12-49Westwood High School
March 14th 2019830pmNever Settle vs. DABNM36-25Westwood High School
March 14th 2019915pmNever Settle vs. Finkle Is Einhorn42-12Westwood High School
March 14th 2019730pmNorfolk In Chance vs. The Free Agents20-18Westwood High School
March 14th 2019815pmBye Week vs. AZ Fire26-6Westwood High School
March 14th 20199:00 PMBye Week vs. Thunder22-14Westwood High School
Week 8
March 21st 2019Westwood High School
March 21st 20197:30pmBye Week vs. DABNM32-30Westwood High School
March 21st 20198:15pmDeep Threats vs. Norfolk In Chance12-24Westwood High School
March 21st 20199:00pmNever Settle vs. Finkle Is Einhorn35-27Westwood High School
March 21st 20198:15pmThunder vs. AZ FireWestwood High School
March 21st 20199:00pmFree Agents vs. Westside Vale14-20Westwood High School
Week 9
March 28th 2019Semi Final & Bowl GameWestwood High School
March 28th 2019730pmBye Week vs. Norfolk In ChanceWestwood High School
March 28th 2019730pmNever Settle vs. Westside ValeWestwood High School
March 28th 2019830pmBowl GameWestwood High School
April 4th 20198pmPre Season CombineWestwood High School
April 11th 2019New Season Kick OffWestwood High School