Thursday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Jeramy Bollinger

Special Announcement

Fall season October 22nd 2020

Looking for something competitive but something that you’re not gonna feel for the next 3 days at work?

Look no further, our NON-CONTACT Flag Football is a fast paced fun version of the game. 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league. Come join the fun, you won’t be disappointed!

Leagues run all year round and our Thursday night league is east valley based with games generally played in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler.

Need more info, here you go:

What?  6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided.  10 week season. 7  games with potential of Playoffs if you make them.

Where? Hohokam Stadium in Mesa, other locations used but Mesa based.

When?  Thursday Nights between 7-10 pm

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels. Open to Male and Female.

Info? Games run 45 mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning teams including a special MVP award.

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up or check out the FAQ to get more info on the leagues rules and format.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions // Summer 2020



Team NameJersey ColorWonTiedLostPoints ForPoints Against
Gimmie the LootBlack310134106
Westside ValeBlack30115692
Honey BadgersGray30110071
GQ & the TemptationsBlack20297113
Yard GoatsBlack103100106
Mud DogsOrange10373121
Show us your TDsGray01389168
Blue vs RedBlue30114857
FireBirdsOrange and Black30111092
Average Joe'sMaroon2025793
The MinoritiesBlack11291114
Valley BoyzTurquoise1037494


Week 1Hohokam Park
1235 n Center st
Oct 22nd 20207:00pmGQ and the Temptations vs Westside Vale 24-37
Oct 22nd 20207:45pmGimmie the loot vs Show us your Tds30-30
Oct 22nd 20208:30pmMud Dogs vs Wonderboys6-42
Oct 22nd 20209:15pmHoney Badgers vs Yard Goats26-18
Oct 22nd 20207:00pmValley Boyz vs Blue vs Red12-40
Oct 22nd 20207:45pmFireBirds vs Blue vs Red18-40
Oct 22nd 20208:30pmDegenrates vs Shockwave15-41
Oct 22nd 20209:15pmPlayrzunion vs Minorities 13-40
Week 2
Hohokam Park
1235 n Center st
Oct 29th 20207:00pmWonderboys vs Yard Goats41-18
Oct 29th 20207:45pmMud Dogs vs Honey Badgers7-28
Oct 29th 20208:00pmWestside Vale vs Show us your TDs52-14
Oct 29th 20209:15pmGQ & the Temptations vs Gimmie the Loot28-32
Oct 29th 20207:00pmDegenerates vs Plasyrzunion 34-6
Oct 29th 20207:45pmShockwave vs Minorioties31-31
Oct 29th 20208:30pmAverage joes vs Firebirds12-20
Oct 29th 20209:15pmAverage joes vs Valley Boyz25-24
Week 3Hohokam Park
1235 n Center st
Nov. 12th 20207:00pmGQ and the temptations vs Yard Goats31-26
Nov. 12th 20207:45pmMud Dogs vs Show us your TDs42-27
Nov. 12th 20208:30pmHoney Badgers vs Gimmie the Loot18-12
Nov. 12th 20209:15pmWestside Vale vs Wonderboys38-20
Nov. 12th 20207:00pmDegenerates vs Firebirds20-26
Nov. 12th 20207:45pmValley Boyz vs The Minorities24-0
Nov. 12th 20208:30pmPlayrzunion vs Blue vs Red0-49
Nov. 12th 20209:15pmAverage Joes vs Shockwave0-30
Week 4
Nov. 19th 20207:00pmGimmie the Loot vs Wonderboys54-46
Nov. 19th 20207:45pmHoney Badgers vs Westside Vale34-28
Nov. 19th 20208:30pmGQ and the Temptations vs Mud Dogs 24-18
Nov. 19th 20209:15pmYard Goats vs Show us Your TDs43-8
Nov. 19th 20207:00pmPlayrzunion vs Average Joes19-20
Nov. 19th 20207:45pmValley Boyz vs Degenerates28-29
Nov. 19th 20208:30pmBlue Vs Red vs Shockwave19-27
Nov. 19th 20209:15pmThe Minorities vs Firebirds20-46
Week 5
Dec 3rd 20207:00pmHoney Badgers vs GQ and the Temptations
Dec 3rd 20207:45pmShow us your TDs vs Wonderboys
Dec 3rd 20208:30pmGimmie the Loot vs Yard Goats
Dec 3rd 20209:15pmMud Dogs vs Westside Vale
Dec 3rd 20207:00pmPlayrzUnion vs Valley Boyz
Dec 3rd 20207:45pmFirebirds vs Shockwave
Dec 3rd 20208:30pmBlue vs Red vs The Minorities
Dec 3rd 20209:15pmDegenerates vs Average Joes
Week 6
Dec 10th 20207:00pmYard Goats vs Mud Dogs
Dec 10th 20207:45pmWestside Vale vs Gimmie the Loot
Dec 10th 20208:30pmShow us your TDs vs GQ and the temptations
Dec 10th 20209:15pmWonderBoys vs Honey Badgers
Dec 10th 20207:00pmAverage Joes vs Blue vs Red
Dec 10th 20207:45pmThe Minorities vs Degenerates
Dec 10th 20208:30pmFirebirds vs Valley Boyz
Dec 10th 20209:15pmShockwave vs PlayrzUnion
Week 7
7:00pmShow us your TDs vs Honey Badgers
Dec 17th 20207:45pmWonderboys vs GQ and the Temptations
Dec 17th 20208:30pmYard Goats vs Westside Vale
Dec 17th 20209:15pmGimmie the Loot vs Mud Dogs
Dec 17th 20207:00pmFireBirds vs Playrzunion
Dec 17th 20207:45pmShockwave vs Valley Boyz
Dec 17th 20208:30pmThe Minorities vs Average Joes
Dec 17th 20209:15pmBlue vs Red vs Degenerates