Thursday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Jeramy Bollinger

Special Announcement

New Season starts April 29th 2021

Looking for something competitive but something that you’re not gonna feel for the next 3 days at work?

Look no further, our NON-CONTACT Flag Football is a fast paced fun version of the game. 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league. Come join the fun, you won’t be disappointed!

Leagues run all year round and our Thursday night league is east valley based with games generally played in Mesa area.

Need more info, here you go:

What?  Non Contact 6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided.  10 week season. 7  games with potential of Playoffs if you make them.

Where? Westwood HS in Mesa, other locations used but Mesa based.

When?  Thursday Nights between 7-10 pm

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels. Open to Male and Female.

Info? Games run 40 mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning team including a MVP award.

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up or check out the FAQ to get more info on the leagues rules and format.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions // Fall 2020



Team NameJersey ColorWonTiedLostPoints ForPoints Against
Honey BadgersGray70120296
GQ & the TemptationsBlack602207160
FireBirdsOrange and Black602210117
Phoenix FireBlack/red413216173
Gimmie the LootBlack305255237
PHX WarriorsOrange and Green215139219
Yard GoatsGreen107136231
AZ ROADKILLERSBlue and Silver00860244
Quota HitterGreen70120663
The GuysBlack413158181
Wack PackRed314155139
Mud DogsOrange314162139
Mob SquadBlack215108191
The ForcersTurquoise10797249
The HangoverBlack/White00863275


Week 1Byes: AZROADKILLERS and Quota hittersWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
Feb 4th 20217:00pmFirebirds vs Yard Goats34-6
Feb 4th 20217:45pmPHX Warriors vs GQ and the Temptations 14-33
Feb 4th 20218:30pmGimmie the Loot vs DTP19-39
Feb 4th 20219:15pmHoney Badgers vs Phoenix Fire14-13
Feb 4th 20217:00pm The Guys vs Mob Squad13-13
Feb 4th 20217:45pmDegenerates vs The Hangover32-0
Feb 4th 20218:30pmThe Forcers vs Wonderboys0-44
Feb 4th 20219:15pmWack Pack vs Mud Dogs18-18
Week 2
Byes: Firebirds and Wack PackWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
Feb 11th 20217:00pmHoney Badgers vs Yard Goats 44-7
Feb 11th 20217:45pmGQ and the Temptations vs Phoenix Fire26-24
Feb 11th 20218:30pmPHX Warriors vs DTP12-41
Feb 11th 20219:15pmGimmie the Loot vs AZ ROAD KILLERS58-12
Feb 11th 20217:00pmThe Guys vs Mud Dogs 19-12
Feb 11th 20217:45pmDegenerates vs The Forcers36-14
Feb 11th 20218:30pmThe Hangover vs Mob Squad 13-35
Feb 11th 20219:15pmWonderBoys vs Quota Hitters0-12
Week 3ByesGimmie the Loot and The ForcersWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
Feb 18th 20217:00pmPHX Fire vs DTP33-26
Feb 18th 20217:45pmGQ and the Temptations vs Yard Goats 36-20
Feb 18th 20218:30pmPHX Warriors vs AZ RoadKillers26-6
Feb 18th 20219:15pmHoney Badgers vs Firebirds22-14
Feb 18th 20217:00pmWonderboys vs The Guys43-7
Feb 18th 20217:45pmWack Pack vs Degenerates 26-42
Feb 18th 20218:30pmQuota Hitters vs The Hangover 32-12
Feb 18th 20219:15pmMud Dogs vs Mob Squad26-0
Week 4ByesHoney Badgers and The HangoverWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
Feb 25th 20217:00pmDTP vs Yard Goats 13-6
Feb 25th 20217:45pmPHX Fire vs AZ Roadkillers49-24
Feb 25th 20218:30pmGQ and the Temptations vs Firebirds22-19
Feb 25th 20219:15pmPHX warriors vs Gimmie the Loot6-32
Feb 25th 20217:00pmThe Guys vs The Forcers 33-12
Feb 25th 20217:45pmMud Dogs vs WonderBoys 25-30
Feb 25th 20218:30pmMob Squad vs Degenerates 0-47
Feb 25th 20219:15pmQuota Hitters vs Wack Pack27-6
Week 5ByesYard Goats and Degenerates Westwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
March 4th 20217:00pmAZ RoadKillers vs DTP6-28
March 4th 20217:45pmHoney Badgers vs PHX Warriors36-16
March 4th 20218:30pmGimmie the Loot vs GQ and the Temptations29-41
March 4th 20219:15pmFireBirds vs PHX Fire21-20
March 4th 20217:00pmMud Dogs vs Quota Hitters6-20
March 4th 20217:45pmThe Hangover vs The Guys 12-39
March 4th 20218:30pmThe Forcers vs Wack Pack12-33
March 4th 20219:15pmWonderboys vs Mob Squad39-6
Week 6ByesGQ and the Temptations and The Guys Westwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
March 11th 20217:00pm AZ RoadKillers vs Firebirds12-35
March 11th 20217:45pmYard Goats vs Gimmie the Loot 31-54
March 11th 20218:30pmHoney Badgers vs DTP12-19
March 11th 20219:15pmPHX Fire vs PHX Warriors20-20
March 11th 20217:00pmThe Forcers vs Mud Dogs 21-30
March 11th 20217:45pmMob Squad vs Quota Hitters 14-21
March 11th 20218:30pmDegenerates vs Wonderboys 13-19
March 11th 20219:15pmThe Hangover vs Wack Pack12-41
Week 7Byes PHX Fire and Mud Dogs Westwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
March 18th 20217:00pm Firebirds vs Gimmie the Loot27-21
March 18th 20217:45pm AZ RoadKillers vs Honey Badgers0-24
March 18th 20218:30pmPHX Warriors vs Yard Goats 28-21
March 18th 20219:15pmDTP vs GQ and the Temptations40-19
March 18th 20217:00pmWonderboys vs The Hangover 50-7
March 18th 20217:45pmThe Guys vs Degenerates20-37
March 18th 20218:30pmWack Pack vs Mob Sqaud13-7
March 18th 20219:15pmQuota Hitters vs The Forcers50-7
Week 8ByesDTP and Wonderboys Westwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
March 25th 20217:00pmYard Goats vs PHX Fire21-22
March 25th 20217:45pmGimmie the Loot vs Honey Badgers21-36
March 25th 20218:30pmFirebirds vs PHX Warriors 30-16
March 25th 20219:15pmAZ Roadkillers vs GQ and the Temptations 0-24
March 25th 20217:00pmMob Squad vs The Forcers 33-19
March 25th 20217:45pmDegenerates vs Quota Hitters 12-0
March 25th 20218:30pmThe Hangover vs Mud Dogs 7-45
March 25th 20219:15pmThe Guys vs Wack Pack21-18
Week 9BYESPHX Warriors and Mob SqaudWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
April 1st 20217:00pmYard Goats vs AZ RoadKillers24-0
April 1st 20217:45pmDTP vs Firebirds14-22
April 1st 20218:30pmGimmie the Loot vs PHX Fire21-35
April 1st 20219:15pmGQ and the Temptations vs Honey Badgers6-14
April 1st 20217:00pmQuota Hitters vs The Guys 34-6
April 1st 20217:45pmWack Pack vs Wonderboys 18-27
April 1st 20218:30pmDegenerates vs Mud Dogs 24-0
April 1st 20219:15pmThe Forcers vs The Hangover24-0
Week 10FINALSWestwood HS
945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201
April 15th 20217:00pmHoney Badgers vs FireBirds
April 15th 20217:00pmQuota Hitters vs Degenerates
April 15th 20217:45pmDTP vs GQ and the Temptations
April 15th 20217:45pmWonderboys vs The Guys
April 15th 20218:30pmTBAsemi
April 15th 20218:30pmTBAsemi
April 15th 20219:15pmTBAFinals