Tuesday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Chris Lathan

Special Announcement


Join our NON-CONTACT Flag Football league 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league.

We offer Division 1 (higher level) & D2 (Rec) for all levels! Come join the fun with the 70+ other teams, you won’t be disappointed!

Our leagues run all year round with our Tuesday night league in Tempe, Wednesday night in N.Phx, and Thursday night league in Mesa.


  • Free agent night we bring everyone who signed up as a single player and play pickup games on Free Agent night and from there we combine all players into fair free agent teams that you will play on for the season. It is a great way to meet people and get out there! If you can’t make it you will still be placed on a team not to worry.

More Info:

What?  6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided.  10 week season. 7  games with potential of Playoffs if you make them.

Where? Tempe Sports Complex (TSC), and other Tempe based locations.

When? Tuesday Nights between 6:30-10 pm


Division 1 & Division 2 levels. Division 1 is for higher level competitive teams & players where D2 is for Rec players who just want to get out there and have some fun.

Adults 18+ all skill levels. 

Info? Games run roughly 45 mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning teams including a special MVP award. Cross town Champs in the works, Tues vs Thurs, who will be the King of AZSL Flag?

How? Look right and select payment to sign up. You must be fully paid a week in advance to play in the league.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions // Summer 2021



Teams Team Color WinsLosesTiesPoints forPoints against
Division 1
New DynastyWhite and Blue200798
Click ClackBlack2005818
300Red and White2005318
The Juice1102432
Looking to ScoreWhite1102637
Smash BrosOrange and Black 0202452
Desert Bandits 0201259
BC LionsRed and Black0203173
Division 2
Young RipperzBlack 2006926
Guardians Blue and Pink2003818
Downfield Demons1106328
JokersGreen, Purple and black1103244
The Replacements0111931
Wack PackBlack0112638
Ligma Footballs0202288


Date fixtureScoresLocation
Week 1
Sept. 28th 20217:00pm300 vs Smash Bros 26-12
Sept. 28th 20217:45pmDesert Bandits vs Click Clack 6-32
Sept. 28th 20218:30pmThe Juice vs Looking to Score24-0
Sept. 28th 20219:15pmNew Dynasty vs BC Lions 47-6
Sept. 28th 20217:00pmGuardians vs FJBs20-12
Sept. 28th 20217:45pmWack Pack vs The Replacement 13-13
Sept. 28th 20218:30pmJokers vs Young Ripperz 12-26
Sept. 28th 20219:15pmDownfield Demons vs Ligma Footballs45-8
Week 2
Benedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 5
Oct.12th 20216:30pmThe Juice vs New Dynasty 0-32
Oct.12th 20217:15pmLooking to Score vs BC Lions 26-13
Oct.12th 20218:00pmSmash Bros vs Click Clack12-26
Oct.12th 20218:45pm300 vs Desert Bandits 27-6
Oct.12th 20216:30pmYoung Ripperz vs Ligma Footballs43-14
Oct.12th 20217:15pmJokers vs Downfield Demons20-18
Oct.12th 20218:00pmFJBs vs Wack Pack25-13
Oct.12th 20218:45pmGuardians vs The Replacements 18-6
Week 3Benedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 5
Oct 19th 20216:15pmTPG vs Click Clack
tues vs thurs championship
Oct.19th 20217:00pmThe Juice vs Click Clack
Oct.19th 20217:45pm300 vs BC Lions
Oct.19th 20218:30pmSmash Bros vs Looking to Score
Oct.19th 20219:15pmNew Dynasty vs Desert Bandits
Oct.19th 20216:30pmJokers vs Wack Pack
Oct.19th 20217:15pmGuardians vs Ligma Footballs
Oct.19th 20218:00pmDownfield Demons vs The Replacements
Oct.19th 20218:45pmFJBs vs Young Ripperz
Week 4Benedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 5
Oct. 26th 20216:30pmDesert Bandits vs Looking to Score
Oct. 26th 20217:15pm300 vs The Juice
Oct. 26th 20218:00pmNew Dynasty vs Smash Bros
Oct. 26th 20218:45pmBC Lions vs Click Clack
Oct. 26th 20216:30pmThe Replacements vs Young Ripperz
Oct. 26th 20217:15pmDownfield Demons vs FJBs
Oct. 26th 20218:00pmGuardians vs Jokers
Oct. 26th 20218:45pmLigma Footballs vs Wack Pack
Week 5Benedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 5
Nov. 2nd 20216:30pmNew Dynasty vs 300
Nov. 2nd 20217:15pmClick Clack vs Looking to Score
Nov. 2nd 20218:00pmDesert Bandits vs BC Lions
Nov. 2nd 20218:45pmThe Juice vs Smash Bros
Nov. 2nd 20216:30pmDown Field Demons vs Guardians
Nov. 2nd 20217:15pmWack Pack vs Young Ripperz
Nov. 2nd 20218:00pmThe Replacements vs Ligma Footballs
Nov. 2nd 20218:45pmJoker vs FJBs
Week 6Benedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 1
Nov. 9th 20216:30pmBC Lions vs The Juice
Nov. 9th 20217:15pmClick Clack vs 300
Nov. 9th 20218:00pmLooking to Score vs New Dynasty
Nov. 9th 20218:45pmSmash Bros vs Desert Bandits
Nov. 9th 20216:30pmFJBs vs The Replacements
Nov. 9th 20217:15pmLigma Footballs vs Jokers
Nov. 9th 20218:00pmWack Pack vs Guardians
Nov. 9th 20218:45pmYouing Ripperz vs Downfield Demons
Week 7 - CHANDLER PREPBenedict Sports Complex
500 w Guadalupe field 1
Nov. 16th 20216:30pmLooking to Score vs 300
Nov. 16th 20217:15pmClick Clack vs New Dynasty
Nov. 16th 20218:00pmBC Lions vs Smash Bros
Nov. 16th 20218:45pmDesert Bandits vs The Juice
Nov. 16th 20216:30pmWack Pack vs Downfield Demons
Nov. 16th 20217:15pmYoung Ripperz vs Guardians
Nov. 16th 20218:00pmLigma Footballs vs FJBs
Nov. 16th 20218:45pmThe Replacements vs Jokers
Week 9 - TEMPE