Tuesday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Zac Williams

Special Announcement

TUESDAY NIGHT LIGHTS thank you all for the sold out season, new one starts FEB 2nd 2021

Looking for something competitive but something that you’re not gonna feel for the next 3 days at work?

Look no further, our NON-CONTACT Flag Football is a fast paced fun version of the game. 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league. Come join the fun, you won’t be disappointed!

Leagues run all year round and our Thursday night league is east valley based with games generally played in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler.

Need more info, here you go:

What?  6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided.  10 week season. 7  games with potential of Playoffs if you make them.

Where? Tempe Sports Complex (TSC), and other Tempe based locations.

When?  Tuesday Nights between 7-10 pm

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels. 

Info? Games run roughly 45 mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning teams including a special MVP award. Cross town Champs in the works, Tues vs Thurs, who will be the King of AZSL Flag?

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up or check out the FAQ to get more info on the leagues rules and format.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions // Summer 2020



Team NameJersey ColorWonTiedLostPoints ForPoints Against
The ImmortalsOpposite of other team 22011786
New DynastyBlack or grey30111261
Eskimo BrosWhite21011553
Elite SquadRed/White2117062
No Fly ZoneBlack1024180
Yung RipperzTeal10394118
Riff Raff Green1034284
The Underdogs Grey/Purple00444134
Click ClackBlack40012677
VelocityRoyal Blue310118101
Competitive Edge FootballCamo20212191
Peyton's TimeGreen1127177
PHX ProdigiesWhite1027291
Arizona Football Team Purple10377117
Scotts TotsLight Blue0035894
Music City MiraclesBlack00347106


Week 1ON A BYE:Riff Raff and Music City MiraclesTempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 2021
7:00pmThe UnderDogs vs Yung Ripperz26-28Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20217:45pmRockets vs Elite Squad 18-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20218:30pmEskimo Bros vs The Immortals29-29Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20219:15pmNo Fly Zone vs New Dynasty0-21Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20217:00pmArizona Football Team vs Competitive Edge Football21-29Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20217:45pmPHX Prodigies vs Click Clack 27-40Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20218:30pmMachines vs Peyton's Time 20-6Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Feb 9th 20219:15pmScotts Tots vs Velocity24-25Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 3
Week 2
ON A BYE:No Fly Zone and Scotts TotsTempe Diablo Stadium
2200 W Alameda Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282
Feb 16th 2021
7:00pmRockets vs New Dynasty13-33Field 7
Feb 16th 20217:45pmYung Ripperz vs Elite Squad12-19Field 7
Feb 16th 20218:30pmThe Underdogs vs The The Immortals 12-42Field 7
Feb 16th 20219:15pmEskimo Bros vs Riff Raff39-18Field 7
Feb 16th 20217:00pmCompetitive Edge Football vs Click Clack18-21Field 7
Feb 16th 20217:45pmAZ Football Team vs Peyton's Time12-19Field 7
Feb 16th 20218:30pmPHX Prodigies vs Velocity24-36Field 7
Feb 16th 20219:15pmMachines vs Music city Miracles 34-14Field 7
Week 3ON A BYE:Eskimo Bros and MachinesBenedict Sports Complex
490 W Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283
Feb 23rd 20217:00pmElite Squad vs The Immortals26-26North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20217:45pmYoung Ripperz vs New Dynasty 28-39North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20218:30pmThe Underdogs vs Riff Raff12-18North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20219:15pmRockets vs No FLy Zone33-7North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20217:00pmClick Clack vs Peytons Time 19-18North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20217:45pmCompetitive Edge Football vs Velocity26-30North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20218:30pmMusic City Miracles vs Arizona Footall Team 19-26North Fields 4
Feb 23rd 20219:15pmPHX Prodigies vs Scotts Tots21-15North Fields 4
Week 4ON A BYE:Rockets and Phx ProdigiesBenedict Sports Complex
490 W Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283
March 2nd 2021
7:00pmThe Immortals vs New Dynasty 20-19North Fields 5
March 2nd 20217:45pmElite Squad vs Riff Raff33-6North Fields 5
March 2nd 20218:30pmYoung Ripperz vs No Fly Zone26-34North Fields 5
March 2nd 20219:15pmThe Underdogs vs Eskimo Bros6-47North Fields 5
March 2nd 20217:00pmPeytons Team vs Velocity27-27North Fields 5
March 2nd 20217:45pmClick Clack vs Music City Mircles46-14North Fields 5
March 2nd 20218:30pmCompetitive Edge Football vs Scotts Tots48-19North Fields 5
March 2nd 20219:15pmAZ Football Team vs Machines18-50North Fields 5
Week 5ON A BYE:The Underdogs vs AZ Football Team
March 9th 20217:00pmNew Dynasty vs Riff Raff
March 9th 20217:45pmEskimo Bros vs Elite Squad
March 9th 20218:30pmThe Immortals vs No Fly Zone
March 9th 20219:15pmYoung Ripperz vs Rockets
March 9th 20217:00pmVelocity vs Music City Miracles
March 9th 20217:45pmPeyton's Team vs Scotts Tots
March 9th 20218:30pmMachines vs Click Clack
March 9th 20219:15pmCompetitive Edge Football vs Phx Prodigies
Week 6ON A BYE:Young Ripperz and Competitive Edge Football
March 16th 20217:00pmNew Dynasty vs Eskimo Bros
March 16th 20217:45pmRockets vs The Immortals
March 16th 20218:30pmElite Squad vs The Underdogs
March 16th 20219:15pmRiff Raff vs No Fly Zone
March 16th 20217:00pmMusic City Miracles vs Scotts Tots
March 16th 20217:45pmVelocity vs Machines
March 16th 20218:30pmPhx Prodigies vs Peytons Time
March 16th 20219:15pmClick Clack vs AZ Football Team
Week 7ON A BYE:Elite Squad and Click Clack
March 23rd 20217:00pmRiff Raff vs Rockets
March 23rd 20217:45pmThe Underdogs vs New Dynasty
March 23rd 20218:30pmThe Immortals vs Young Ripperz
March 23rd 20219:15pmNo Fly Zone vs Eskimo Bros
March 23rd 20217:00pmScotts Tots vs Machines
March 23rd 20217:45pmMusic City Miracles vs Phx Prodigies
March 23rd 20218:30pmAZ Football Team vs Velocity
March 23rd 20219:15pmPeytons Time vs Competitive Edge Football
Week 8ON A BYEThe Immortals vs Peytons Time
March 30th 20217:00pmEskimo Bros vs Rockets
March 30th 20217:45pmRiff Raff vs Young Ripperz
March 30th 20218:30pmNo Fly Zone vs The Underdogs
March 30th 20219:15pmNew Dynasty vs Elite Sqaud
March 30th 20217:00pmMachines vs Phx Prodigies
March 30th 20217:45pmScotts Tots vs AZ Football Team
March 30th 20218:30pmMusic City Miracles vs Competitive Edge Football
March 30th 20219:15pmVelocity vs Click Clack
Week 9ON A BYENew Dynasty and Music City Miracles
April 6th 20217:00pmRocket vs The Underdogs
April 6th 20217:45pmEskimo Bros vs Young Ripperz
April 6th 20218:30pmNo Fly Zone vs Elite Squad
April 6th 20219:15pmRiff Raff The Immortals
April 6th 20217:00pmPhx Prodigies vs AZ Football Team
April 6th 20217:45pmMachines vs Competitive edge Fottball
April 6th 20218:30pmScotts Tots vs Click Clack
April 6th 20219:15pmMusic City Miracles vs Peytons Time