Wednesday Night Adult Flag Football

League Coordinator - Zac Williams

Special Announcement

WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIGHTS thank you all for the sold out season, new one starts March 3rd 2021

Looking for something competitive but something that you’re not gonna feel for the next 3 days at work?

Look no further, our NON-CONTACT Flag Football is a fast paced fun version of the game. 6 on 6 with a strong emphasis on high scoring offence, definitely not your average Flag league. Come join the fun, you won’t be disappointed!

Our leagues run all year round with our Tuesday night league in Tempe and Thursday night league in Mesa.

Need more info, here you go:

What?  6 on 6 flag football.  Triple threats flag provided.  10 week season. 7  games with potential of Playoffs if you make them.

Where? North Phoenix Prep Academy.

When?  Wednesday Nights between 7-11 pm

Who?  Adults 18+ all skill levels. 

Info? Games run roughly 45 mins.  We use licensed flag referees.  Trophy for winning teams including a special MVP award. Cross town Champs in the works, Weds, Tues & Thurs, who will be the King of AZSL Flag?

How?  Look right and select payment to sign up or check out the FAQ to get more info on the leagues rules and format.

Take a moment to join AZ Sports League Flag Football Community on Facebook to find teams and join the discussion in our football group.

Current Champions // Summer 2020



Team NameJersey ColorWonTiedLostPoints ForPoints Against
Click ClackBlack60217596
Looking to scoreGreen602166105
Riff Raff Green602195104
Competitive Edge FootballCamo413151116
Pylon Dives MatterBlack305166190
Mean MachineGreen305131166
Tar HeelsWhite116102231
Show us your TdsWhite/Grey00832197
Fresh off the CouchBlack800295152
Apple SauceWhite602166117
Scotts TotsLight Blue305181176
No Fly ZoneGrey305188198
Young RipperzTeal305205261
Blue BallsBlue 008101306


Week 1ON BYES: Riff Raff and Fresh off the couchTempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20207:00pmPylon Dives Matter vs Looking to score20-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20207:45pmMean Machine vs Show us your Tds35-6Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20208:30pmClick Clack vs Competitive Edge Football6-7
Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20209:15pmMNHU vs Tar Heels48-0Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20207:00pmApple Sauce vs Young Ripperz30-26Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20207:45pmMustangs vs Da Boys27-27Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20208:30pmNo Fly Zone vs Blue Balls32-20Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov 3rd 20209:15pmScotts Tots vs Mofers12-38Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Week 2
ON BYES: MHNU and Scotts Tots
Nov. 10th 20206:45pmLooking to score vs Show us your TDs28-0Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20207:30pmClick Clack vs Riff Raff34-7Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20208:15pmPylon Dives Matter vs Competitive Edge Football19-28Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20209:00pmMean Machine vs Tar Heels41-16Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20206:45pmYoung Ripperz vs Da Boys26-44Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20207:30pmApple Sauce vs Blue Balls40-15Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20208:15pmMustangs vs Mofers26-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Nov. 10th 20209:00pmNo Fly Zone vs Fresh off the Couch22-48Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 1
Week 3ON BYES: Pylon Dives Matter and Apple Sauce
Nov.17th 20206:45pmCompetitive Edge Football vs MHNU24-25
Nov.17th 20207:30pmTar Heels vs Riff Raff0-26
Nov.17th 20208:15pmClick Clack vs Show us your TDs32-7
Nov.17th 20209:00pmLooking to Score vs Mean Machine28-6
Nov.17th 20206:45pmMofers vs Fresh off the Couch20-36
Nov.17th 20207:30pmBlue Balls vs Scotts Tots14-48
Nov.17th 20208:15pmNo Fly Zone vs Da Boys34-36
Nov.17th 20209:00pmYoung Ripperz vs Mustangs26-36
Week 4ON BYES: Mean Machine and Mustangs
Nov. 24th 20206:45pmLooking to Score vs MHNU13-32
Nov. 24th 20207:30pmShow us your TDs vs Riff Raff0-24
Nov. 24th 20208:15pmCompetitive Edge Football vs Tar Heels20-20
Nov. 24th 20209:00pmPylon Dives Matter vs Click Clack21-26
Nov. 24th 20206:45pmBlue Balls vs Mofers20-44
Nov. 24th 20207:30pmDa Boys vs Fresh off the couch 14-56
Nov. 24th 20208:15pmYoung Ripperz vs Scotts Tots14-45
Nov. 24th 20209:00pmApple Sauce vs No Fly Zone15-14
Week 5ON BYES: Click Clack and No Fly Zone
Dec 1st 20206:45pmShow us your TDs vs Competitive Edge Football12-34
Dec 1st 20207:30pmLooking to Score vs Tar Heels 26-6
Dec 1st 20208:15pmPylon Dives Matter vs Riff Raff12-35
Dec 1st 20209:00pmMean Machine vs MHNU12-27
Dec 1st 20206:45pmDa Boys vs Blue Balls 50-0
Dec 1st 20207:30pm Young Ripperz vs Mofers26-18
Dec 1st 20208:15pmApple Sauce vs Fresh off the Couch 14-22
Dec 1st 20209:00pmMustangs vs Scotts Tots31-12
Week 6ON BYES: Competitive Edge Football and Blue Balls
Dec. 8th 20206:45pmClick Clack vs Mean Machine 25-13
Dec. 8th 20207:30pmRiff Raff vs Looking to Score16-31
Dec. 8th 20208:15pmMHNU vs Pylon Dives Matter34-27
Dec. 8th 20209:00pmTar Heels vs Show us Your TDs24-0
Dec. 8th 20206:45pmNo Fly Zone vs Mustangs 20-40
Dec. 8th 20207:30pmScotts Tots vs Apple Sauce 6-20
Dec. 8th 20208:15pmFresh off the Couch vs Young Ripperz48-36
Dec. 8th 20209:00pmMofers vs Da Boys13-40
Week 7On Byes: Show us your TDs vs DaBoys
Dec 15th 20206:45pmMHNU vs Click Clack20-25
Dec 15th 20207:30pmRiff Raff vs Mean Machine 39-0
Dec 15th 20208:15pmPylon Dives Matter vs Tar Heels 35-30
Dec 15th 20209:00pmCompetitive Edge Footballvs Looking to Score13-14
Dec 15th 20206:45pmBlue Balls vs Young Ripperz20-26
Dec 15th 20207:30pmFresh off the Couch vs Mustangs 34-26
Dec 15th 20208:15pmApple Sauce vs Mofers24-0
Dec 15th 20209:00pmScotts Tots vs No Fly Zone 14-22
Week 8On Byes:Looking to Score and Young Ripperz
Jan 5th 20216:45pmTar heels vs click clack6-35Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20217:30pmMean Machine vs Competitive Edge Football6-13Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20218:15pmRiff Raff vs MHNU34-18Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20219:00pmShow us your TDs vs Pylon Dives Matter7-20Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20216:45pmFresh off the couch vs Scotts Tots 37-20Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20217:30pmMofers vs No Fly Zone0-24Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20218:15pmMustangs vs Blue Balls42-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Jan 5th 20219:00pmDa Boys vs Apple Sauce16-18Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 2
Week 9On Byes: Tar Heels and MofersTempe Sports Complex
Jan 12th 20216:45pmMean Machine vs Pylon Dives Matter 18-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20217:30pmRiff Raff vs Competitive Edge Football14-12Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20218:15pmClick Clack vs Looking to Score12-15Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20219:00pmMHNU vs Show us your TDs24-0Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20216:45pmMustangs vs Apple Sauce20-15Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20217:30pmNo Fly Zone vs Young Ripperz20-25Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20218:15pmScott Tots vs TBD 24-0Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 12th 20219:00pmFresh Off the Couch vs Blue Balls24-0Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 5
Jan 19th 20217:45pmLooking to Score vs MHNU21-20Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 6
Jan 19th 20217:45pmFresh off Couch vs Scotts Tots40-20Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 6
Jan 19th 20218:30pmClick Clack vs Riff Raff7-6Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 6
Jan 19th 20218:30pmMustangs vs Apple Sauce27-21Tempe Sports Complex FIELD 6
Jan 26th 20217:30Fresh off the Couch vs Mustangs Tempe Sports Complex Field 2
Jan 26th 20217:30Looking to Score vs Click ClackTempe Sports Complex Field 2
Jan 26th 2021TDBTBA-ChampionshipTempe Sports Complex Field 2