Scottsdale Friday Night Volleyball

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

Special Announcement


Start Date: We will have a Meet & Greet night for Free Agents with pickup on Sept. 18th with the first games to start Sept. 25th.

Meet & Greet is just for Free Agents from 7-9pm. Teams can come from 9pm-10:30pm if they would like but it could be crowded pending # of teams and FAs who show up.

As with all our other sports leagues, we strive to provide a casual and fun volleyball experience for everyone to enjoy!

We run various volleyball leagues and volleyball tournaments throughout the year with the focus on adult players looking to have some fun in the sand, meet some new people, and enjoy social volleyball.

We have current leagues are in Tempe & Scottsdale.

Here’s the league info:

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What? Coed 4’s Sand Volleyball – Adults

Where? Indian School Park – Scottsdale

When? Friday Nights between 7-10:00pm

Who? Male and female players. All skill levels. Adult 18+

Info? The league runs 8 weeks with 1 game per night. 7 weeks of league play and a week of playoffs. $50 for the season per player or $200 per team of 4.  Trophies & prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

Official After-Bar: TBD

How? Click payment on the right to sign up or check our FAQ to answer any questions.

League Rules

-At least one female on the court at all times
-Regular season – Best of 3 sets to 21 points (win by 2 pts)
-Playoffs – First rounds are 1 set to 25 points (win by 2 pts). Final is best of 3 to 21 (win by 2 pts)
-Free agent teams: 5 people per team cycling through each serve
Game rules:
-Each person needs to serve in rotation
-No running into the net or under (for injury purposes)
-Setter cannot attack the serve
-Rally scoring
-The ball can hit the net and go over for a point or may be returned
-You can lose on serve if you hit it into the net or out of bounds
-If the ball hits any part of the lines it’s a point

League Announcements



TeamsGames PlayedWL
One Ball
Watermelon Sugar High
Daddy Long Barrells
Clancy's Crew
Clancy's Crusaders
Sandy Cheeks
Team Rind
Bump, Set, BANGZ
FA Team 2
Spanish Bosses
Espresso Martinis
Fitness & Cupcakes
Team XND
Booze & Bump
Da Bears
FA Team 3
Team Foothills
Spanish Bosses
2020 Ebokalypse


DATECOURT 1Court 2Court 3
Meet & Greet | 9/18/20 | 7PM - 9:30PMMeet & Greet Pickup
Free Agents Only 7-9pm
Teams can come from 9-10:30 but will be busy.
Meet & Greet Pickup
Free Agents Only 7-9pm
Teams can come from 9-10:30 but will be busy.
Meet & Greet Pickup
Free Agents Only 7-9pm
Teams can come from 9-10:30 but will be busy.
Week 1 | 9/25/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMOne Ball v MichigandersWatermelon v Sandy CheeksSpikeaholics v Chewblocka
7:45 PMDaddy Long Barrels v Team RindFA Team 2 v NAFA Team 3 v Bump, Set Bangz
8:30 PMSpanish Bosses v Da BearsEspresso Martinis v Clancy's CrewTeam XND v FA Team 10
9:15 PMClancy's Crusaders v @PHXCelticSocialClubFitness & Cupcakes v Team FoothillsBooze & Bump v Ebokalypse
Week 2 | 10/2/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMDaddy Long v NAFA Team 3 v MichigandersFitness & Cupcakes v FA Team 10
7:45 PMOne Ball v Sandy CheeksWatermelon v ChewblockaTeam XND v Ebokalypse
8:30 PMSpikeaholics v Team RindDa Bears v Booze & BumpEspresso Martinis v Team Foothills
9:15 PMFA Team 2 v Bump SetSpanish Bosses v @PHXCelticSocialClubClancy's Crusaders v Clancy's Crew
Week 3 | 10/9/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMOne Ball v ChewblockaWatermelon v Team RindSpikeaholics v NA
7:45 PMDaddy Long v Bump SetFA Team 2 v MichigandersFA Team 3 v Sandy Cheeks
8:30 PMEspresso Martinis v FA Team 10Fitness & Cupcakes v EbokalypseXND v Da Bears
9:15 PMSpanish Bosses v Clancy's CrewClancy's Crusaders v Team FoothillsBooze & Bump v @PhxCelticSocialClub
Week 4 | 10/16/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMSpikeaholics v Bump SetFA Team 3 v ChewblockaClancy's Crusaders v FA Team 10
7:45 PMOne Ball v Team RindWatermelon v NABooze & Bump v Clancy's Crew
8:30 PMFA Team 2 v Sandy CheeksEspresso Martinis v EbokalypseFitness & Cupcakes v Da Bears
9:15 PMDaddy Long Barrels v MichigandersXND v @PHXCelticSocialClubSpanish Bosses v Team Foothills
Week 5 | 10/23/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMOne Ball v NAWatermelon v Bump SetSpikeaholics v Michganders
7:45 PMDaddy Long v Sandy CheeksFA Team 2 v ChewblockaBooze & Bump v Team Foothills
8:30 PMClancy's Crusaders v EbokalypseEspresso Martinis v DA BearsXND v Clancy's Crew
9:15 PMSpanish Bosses v FA Team 10Fitness & Cupcakes v @PHXCelticSocialClubFA Team 3 v Team Rind
Week 5 | 10/30/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMWatermelon v MichigandersSpikeaholics v Sandy CheeksFitness & Cupcakes v Clancy's Crew
7:45 PMOne Ball v Bump SetFA Team 3 v NAXND v Foothills
8:30 PM Daddy Long v ChewblockaClancy's Crusaders v Da BearsBooze & Bump v FA Team 10
9:15 PMFA Team 2 v Team RindSpanish Bosses v EbokalypseEspresso Martinis v @PHXCelticSocalClub
Week 6 | 11/6/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMOne Ball v WatermelonSpikeaholics v Daddy LongFA Team 2 v FA Team 3
7:45 PMMichiganders v Sandy CheeksChewblocka v Team RindNA v Bump Set
8:30 PMEspresso Martinis v Fitness & CupcakesXND v Booze & BumpFA Team 10 v Ebokalypse
9:15 PMSpanish Bosses vs. Clancy's CrusadersDA Bears v @PHXCelticSocialClubClancy's Crew v Foothills
Week 7 | 11/13/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7PMOne Ball v SpikeaholicsWatermelon v FA Team 2Fitness & Cupcakes v Booze & Bump
7:45 PMMichiganders v ChewbockaSandy Cheeks v NAClancy's Crusaders v XND
8:30 PMTeam Rind v Bump SetSpanish Bosses v Espresso MartinisClancy's Crew v Ebokalypse
9:15 PMDaddy Long v FA Team 3Da Bears v Clancy's Crew@PHXCelticSocialClub v FA Team 10
Playoffs | 11/20/20Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMConsolation 24v23Consolation 22v21Consolation 20v19
7:45 PMConsolation 18v17Playoffs 1v16Playoffs 2v15
8:30 PMPlayoffs 3v14Playoffs 4v13Playoffs 5v12
9:15 PMPlayoffs 6v11Playoffs 7v10Playoffs 8v9
12/4/20 | Playoffs Week 2 &
Free Agent M&G
Court 1Court 2Court 3
7 PMQuarter FinalsQuarter FinalsFree Agent Pickup
7:45 PMQuarter FinalsQuarter FinalsFree Agent Pickup
8:30 PMSemi FinalsSemi FinalsFree Agent Pickup
9:15 PMFinalsFree Agent PickupFree Agent Pickup