Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Arizona Sports League team.  If you don’t know already, we offer recreational leagues in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Our mission is to provide intramural sports and activities for adults in the Phoenix area.  To apply for any position below use the contact form and state which one you’re interested in.  If the position requires a skill then please state that in the form along with any relevant information.

We have TWO forms below.  On the left we have the form for prospective League Assistants.  On the right we have the form for Soccer Referee.

League Assistant:

The League Assistant role is a broad term.  The League Assistant duties will range from helping out at the fields on game day, marketing the league, doing normal daily business duties, and even helping organize and run social events.

The League Assistant will also have the opportunity to help be a contributor to our blog and social media outlets.

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League Referees:

This form is for applying to be a soccer referee for Arizona Sports League. We’re looking for both Junior and Senior officials. You do NOT have to be certified to officiate in the league. We do have some leagues that are not sanctioned.

We do have other opportunities for work. We do run other sports and can cross train referees to officiate those games.

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