Adult Pickleball Leagues

League Coordinator - Fraser Lavaey

Special Announcement

You may have heard the name and some hype and it’s all real when it comes to one of the fastest growing sports games in the USA.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a Wiffle Ball, over a net.

Since adding Pickleball to the AZSL mix we’ve had an overwhleming response for players to join in.  We currently offer leagues in the east valley but will be expanding across the city as the pickleball craze sweeps the city.

League Announcements

Open Championship Winner

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Summer 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Fuel FC win the Fall 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Spring 2017 Wooden Spoon!

United FC win the Summer 2017 Wooden Spoon!

Over 35 Championship Winner

United FC win the Fall 2016 Championship!

United FC win the Spring 2017 Championship!

AZ Fire win the Summer 2017 Championship!


Open D1 Standings

Fat Boys Blue5022681817
Phoenix CelticGreen/White5112091116
Buck UtdPurple4121612414
Carlisle FCDark Blue4301612412
Green Flag FCGrey3311317-410
Heavy Petty ZooDark Grey241131217
Red Rock FCBlue1601215-33
Metropolis FCBlack061738-311

Open D1 Golden Boot

Mitch Garcia Fat Boys5
Michael MillerBuck Utd5

Jordan Kauk Fat Boys5
Bruno Nowendsztern Fat Boys5

Open D2 Standings

Tempe UtdWhite6012261619
SAFA FCRed502113817
AZ Stars
AZ WolvesWhite/Black2501417-36
AZ FireMaroon0611340-271

Open D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Nathan HowardTempe Utd10

Over 35 Standings

Gold RushGold520148615
Fine Young Cannibals

Over 35 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Chris JohnsonInternational10


Week 1TimeFixtureDivisionResultLocationField #
1/11/208:00 AMBuck United vs. Green FlagDiv 13 - 2Tempe Sports Complex1
1/11/2010:00 AMFat Boys vs. Phoenix Celtic F.CDiv 10 - 0Tempe Sports Complex1
1/11/2012:00 PMRed Rock vs. Metropolis FCDiv 15 - 0Tempe Sports Complex1
1/11/208:00 AMCarlise United vs. Heavy Petting ZooDiv 11 - 0Tempe Sports Complex2
1/11/2010:00 AMAZ Fire vs. Barcao35 D12 - 2Tempe Sports Complex2
1/11/2012:00 PMTempe United vs. Wolveso35 D14 - 1Tempe Sports Complex2
1/11/208:00 AMVikings vs. Fine Young Cannibalso35 D20 - 1Tempe Sports Complex5
1/11/2010:00 AMBeersenal vs. Internationalo35 D21 - 1Tempe Sports Complex5
1/11/2012:00 PMHooligans vs. Gold Rusho35 D20 - 2Tempe Sports Complex5
1/11/202:00 PMAZ Stars vs. SAFA AZo35 D11 - 1Tempe Sports Complex5
Week 2
1/18/208:15 AMCarlise United vs. Phoenix Celtic F.CD13-1Eagles Park
828 E Broadway Rd
Mesa, AZ 85204
1/18/2010:15 AMFat Boys vs. Heavy Petting ZooD12-0Eagles Sports Complex1
1/18/2012:15 PMGreen Flag vs. Metropolis FCD13-2Eagles Sports Complex1
1/18/202:15 PMAZ Fire vs. Tempe Unitedo35 D12-5Eagles Sports Complex1
1/18/208:15 AMBarca vs. AZ Starso35 D12-1Eagles Sports Complex4
1/18/2010:15 AMRed Rock vs. Buck UnitedD11-3Eagles Sports Complex4
1/18/2012:15 PMSAFA AZ vs. Wolveso35 D13-0Eagles Sports Complex4
1/18/208:15 AMVikings vs. Beersenalo35 D20-2Eagles Sports Complex3
1/18/2010:15 AMHooligans vs. Internationalo35 D22-8Eagles Sports Complex3
1/18/2012:15 PMFine Young Cannibals vs. Gold Rusho35 D20-1Eagles Sports Complex3
Week 3
1/25/20815amCarlisle United vs. Buck UnitedDiv 10-3Eagles Sports Complex1
1/25/201015amPhoenix Celtic F.C vs. Red RockDiv 12-1Eagles Sports Complex1
1/25/201215pmFat Boys vs. Green FlagDiv 18-3Eagles Sports Complex1
1/25/20815amSAFA AZ vs. AZ Fireo35 D13-2Eagles Sports Complex2
1/25/201015amHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Metropolis F.CDiv 18-0Eagles Sports Complex2
1/25/201215pmTempe United vs. Barcao35 D11-0Eagles Sports Complex2
1/25/20815amInternational vs. Vikingso35 D210-3Eagles Sports Complex3
1/25/201015amFine Young Cannibals vs. Hooliganso35 D21-3Eagles Sports Complex3
1/25/20815amBeersenal vs. Gold Rusho35 D21-3Eagles Sports Complex4
1/25/201015amAZ Stars F.C vs. Wolveso35 D11-4Eagles Sports Complex4
Week 4
2/1/20815amCarlisle United vs. Metropolis F.CDiv 16-0Eagles Sports Complex1
2/1/201015amFat Boys vs. Buck UnitedDiv 12-2Eagles Sports Complex1
2/1/201215pmRed Rock vs. Green FlagDiv 10-1Eagles Sports Complex1
2/1/20815amWolves vs. AZ Fireo35 D19-1Eagles Sports Complex2
2/1/201015amPhoenix Celtic F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooDiv 15-1Eagles Sports Complex2
2/1/201215pmAZ Stars F.C vs. Tempe Unitedo35 D11-2Eagles Sports Complex2
2/1/20815amBeersenal vs. Fine Young Cannibalso35 D24-4Eagles Sports Complex3
2/1/201015amHooligans vs. Vikingso35 D22-1Eagles Sports Complex3
2/1/20815amInternational vs. Gold Rusho35 D24-1Eagles Sports Complex4
2/1/201015amSAFA AZ vs. Barcao35 D11-0Eagles Sports Complex4
Week 5
2/8/208:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Green FlagDiv 10-0Tempe Sports Complex 5
2/8/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic vs. Buck UnitedDiv 13-0Tempe Sports Complex 5
2/8/2012:00 PMAZ Stars F.C vs. AZ Fireo35 D18-1Tempe Sports Complex 5
2/8/202:00 PMSAFA AZ vs. Tempe Unitedo35 D10-0Tempe Sports Complex 5
2/8/208:00 AMRed Rock vs. Carlisle UnitedDiv 12-3Tempe Sports Complex 6
2/8/2010:00 AMFat Boys vs. Metropolis F.CDiv 17-0Tempe Sports Complex 6
2/8/2012:00 PMBarca vs. Wolveso35 D13-0Tempe Sports Complex 6
2/8/208:00 AMGold Rush vs. Vikingso35 D20-1Benedict Park3
2/8/2010:00 AMInternational vs. Fine Young Cannibalso35 D23-1Benedict Park3
2/8/2012:00 PMHooligans vs. Beersenalo35 D23-2Benedict Park3
Week 6
2/15/208:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Buck UnitedDiv 12-3Tempe Sports Complex1
2/15/2010:00 AMRed Rock vs. Fat BoysDiv 12-4Tempe Sports Complex1
2/15/2012:00 PMPhoenix Celtic F.C vs. Metropolis F.CDiv 17-3Tempe Sports Complex1
2/15/202:00 PMSAFA AZ vs. AZ Stars F.Co35 D11-0Tempe Sports Complex1
2/15/208:00 AMCarlise United vs. Green FlagDiv 12-3Tempe Sports Complex2
2/15/2010:00 AMFine Young Cannibals vs. Vikingso35 D22-1Tempe Sports Complex2
2/15/2012:00 PMHooligans vs. Gold Rusho35 D22-5Tempe Sports Complex2
2/15/208:00 AMBarca vs. AZ Fireo35 D17-2Tempe Sports Complex3
2/15/2010:00 AMInternational vs. Beersenalo35 D23-0Tempe Sports Complex3
2/15/2012:00 PMWolves vs. Tempe Unitedo35 D10-4
Tempe Sports Complex3
Week 7
2/29/208:00 AMFat Boys vs. Carlisle UnitedDiv 13-1Eagles Sports Complex1
2/29/2010:00 AMMetropolis F.C vs. Buck UnitedDiv 12-2Eagles Sports Complex1
2/29/2012:00 PMPhoenix Celtic F.C vs. Green FlagDiv 12-1Eagles Sports Complex1
2/29/208:00 AMWolves vs. SAFA AZo35 D10-2Eagles Sports Complex2
2/29/2010:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Red RockDiv 12-1Eagles Sports Complex2
2/29/2012:00 PMTempe United vs. AZ Fireo35 D16-2Eagles Sports Complex2
2/29/208:00 AMAZ Stars F.C vs. Barcao35 D12-1Eagles Sports Complex3
2/29/2010:00 AMBeersenal vs. Vikingso35 D23-0Eagles Sports Complex3
2/29/208:00 AMGold Rush vs. Fine Young Cannibalso35 D22-0Eagles Sports Complex4
2/29/2010:00 AMHooligans vs. Internationalo35 D22-1Eagles Sports Complex4
Week 8
3/7/208:00 AMCarlisle FC vs. Green Flag FCDiv 10-0 (2-3 P.K's)Eagles Sports Complex3
3/7/2010:00 AMBuck Utd vs. Heavy Petting ZooDiv 12-2 (1-3 P.K's)Eagles Sports Complex3
3/7/2012:00 PMRed Rock FC vs. Metropolis FCDiv 18-2
Eagles Sports Complex3
3/7/208:00 AMTempe Utd vs. AZ Starso35 D13-2
Eagles Sports Complex1
3/7/2010:00 AMAZ Wolves vs AZ Fireo35 D18-1Eagles Sports Complex1
3/7/2012:00 PMSAFA vs. Barcao35 D14-0Eagles Sports Complex1
3/7/208:00 AMFine Young Cannibals vs. Vikingso35 D21-2Eagles Sports Complex2
3/7/2010:00 AMInternational vs Beersenalo35 D22-1
Eagles Sports Complex2
3/7/2012:00 PMGold Rush vs. Hooliganso35 D20-1
Eagles Sports Complex2
Week 9
3/14/208:00 AMTempe Utd vs SAFA FCo35 D12-2 (7-8 P.K's)Quail Run Park 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852153
3/14/2010:00 AMInternational vs Hooliganso35 D23-0
Quail Run Park 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852153
3/14/208:00 AMPhoenix Celtic F.C vs. Green Flag FCDiv 13-1Quail Run Park 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852154
3/14/2010:00 AMFat Boys vs Heavy Petting Zoo Div 11-1 (6-5 P.K's)Quail Run Park 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852154
3/21/2010:00 AMFat Boys Vs Phoenix Celtic F.CDiv 1Open FINALEagles Sports Complex2
4/4/20New Season