Adult Pickleball Leagues

League Coordinator - Chris Marriott

Special Announcement

You may have heard the name and some hype and it’s all real when it comes to one of the fastest growing sports games in the USA.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a Wiffle Ball, over a net.

Since adding Pickleball to the ASL mix we’ve had an overwhleming response for players to join in.  We currently offer leagues in the east valley but will be expanding across the city as the pickleball craze sweeps the city.

League Announcements

Open Championship Winner

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Summer 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Fuel FC win the Fall 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Spring 2017 Wooden Spoon!

United FC win the Summer 2017 Wooden Spoon!

Over 35 Championship Winner

United FC win the Fall 2016 Championship!

United FC win the Spring 2017 Championship!

AZ Fire win the Summer 2017 Championship!


Open D1 Standings

Carlisle FC6003572818
Fat Boys 51037122515
Heavy Petty Zoo3212114710
Green Flag FC3211110110
Buck Utd2401628-126
Red Rock FC051723-161
Revenge FC051639-331

Open D1 Golden Boot

Brigham Dallas
Fat Boys11
Bruno NowendstzternFat Boys10
Joseph McCulloughHeavy Petting Zoo7
Matheus De PaulaFat Boys 6

Open D2 Standings

SAFA FC7003572821
Tempe Utd61027171018
AZ Wolves3401122-119
AZ Fire2411118-77
International 142814-65
Fine Young Cannibals061620-141

Open D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Brad CurtisSAFA FC13
Nathan Howard Tempe Utd12

Over 35 Standings

Barca AZ5022151617
AZ Stars FC511149516
Gold Rush223191369

Over 35 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Ross NovotnyGold Rush FC7
Cody NelsonBarca AZ4
Jeff Davis


Week 1TimeFixtureDivisionResultLocationField #
9/7/198:00 AMCarlisle F.C VS. Buck UnitedOpen6-2Tempe Sports Complex1
9/7/198:00 AMBarca vs. Gold Rusho35 D22-2Tempe Sports Complex1
9/7/198:00 AMAZ Fire vs. Tempe United F.Co35 D12-4Tempe Sports Complex1
9/7/198:00 AMSAFA AZ vs. Wolves FCo35 D15-1Tempe Sports Complex1
9/7/1910:00 AMHooligans vs. AZ Starso35 D21-2Tempe Sports Complex2
9/7/1910:00 AMGreen Flag vs. Red Rock F.COpen1-0Tempe Sports Complex2
9/7/1910:00 AMInternational vs. Fine Young Canibalso35 D11-1Tempe Sports Complex2
9/7/1910:00 AMBeersonal vs. Vikingso35 D21-4Tempe Sports Complex2
9/7/1912:00 PMFat Boys vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen6-2Tempe Sports Complex2
Week 2
9/14/198:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Carlisle UnitedOpen4-5Tempe Sports Complex2
9/14/1910:00 AMSAFA AZ vs. AZ Fireo35 D12-1Tempe Sports Complex2
9/14/1912:00 PMBuck United vs. Green FlagOpen2-5Tempe Sports Complex2
9/14/198:00 AMFat boys vs. Revenge F.COpen12-0Tempe Sports Complex3
9/14/1910:00 AMFine Young Canibals vs. Tempe United F.Co35 D12-5Tempe Sports Complex3
9/14/198:00 AMWolves vs. Internationalo35 D12-1Tempe Sports Complex4
9/14/1910:00 AMBarca vs. Vikingso35 D22-0Tempe Sports Complex4
9/14/198:00 AMHooligans vs. Beersonalo35 D22-4Tempe Sports Complex5
9/14/1910:00 AMGold Rush vs. AZ Stars F.Co35 D22-4Tempe Sports Complex5
Week 3
9/21/198:00 AMCarlisle F.C vs. Red Rock F.COpen2-0Tempe Sports Complex2
9/21/1910:00 AMFat Boys vs. Buck UnitedOpen10-2Tempe Sports Complex2
9/21/1912:00 PMGreen Flag vs. Revenge F.COpen2-0Tempe Sports Complex2
9/21/198:00 AMInternational vs. Tempe united F.Co35 D10-1Tempe Sports Complex3
9/21/1910:00 AMWolves vs. AZ Fireo35 D11-2Tempe Sports Complex3
9/21/198:00 AMSAFA AZ vs. Fine Young Canibalso35 D13-1Tempe Sports Complex4
9/21/1910:00 AMHooligans vs. Vikingso35 D25-2Tempe Sports Complex4
9/21/198:00 AMGold Rush vs. Beersonalo35 D28-5Tempe Sports Complex5
9/21/1910:00 AMBarca vs. AZ Stars F.Co35 D25-0Tempe Sports Complex5
Week 4
10/5/198:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Green FlagOpen3-0Tempe Sports Complex2
10/5/1910:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Buck UnitedOpen5-0Tempe Sports Complex2
10/5/1912:00 PMRevenge F.C vs. Red Rock F.COpen3-3Tempe Sports Complex2
10/5/198:00 AMSAFA AZ vs. Tempe United F.Co35 D18-3Benedict Park 3
10/5/1910:00 AMInternational vs. AZ Fireo35 D12-2Benedict Park 3
10/5/1912:00pmFine Young Canibals vs. Wolveso35 D10-3Benedict Park 3
10/5/198:00 AMBarca vs. Beersonalo35 D25-1Benedict Park 4
10/5/1910:00 PMAZ Stars F.C vs. Vikingso35 D24-1Benedict Park 4
10/5/1912:00 PMGold Rush vs. Hooliganso35 D20-2Benedict Park 4
Week 5
10/12/198:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Revenge F.COpen15-1Tempe Sports Complex2
10/12/1910:00 AMGreen Flag vs. Fat BoysOpen2-4Tempe Sports Complex2
10/12/1912:00 PMFine Young Canibals vs. AZ Fireo35 D10-2Tempe Sports Complex2
10/12/198:00 AMRed Rock F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen1-7Tempe Sports Complex3
10/12/1910:00 AMWolves vs. Tempe United F.Co35 D11-6Tempe Sports Complex3
10/12/198:00 AMInternational vs. SAFA AZo35 D10-6Tempe Sports Complex4
10/12/1910:00 AMGold Rush vs. Vikingso35 D27-1
Tempe Sports Complex4
10/12/198:00 AMAZ Stars F.C vs. Beersonalo35 D21-0Tempe Sports Complex5
10/12/1910:00 AMBarca vs. Hooliganso35 D23-1Tempe Sports Complex5
Week 6
10/19/198:00 AMFat Boys vs. Carlisle UnitedOpen0-4Benedict Park2
10/19/1910:00 AMBuck United vs. Red Rock F.COpen5-1Benedict Park2
10/19/1912:00 PMWolves vs. SAFA AZo35 D11-7Benedict Park2
10/19/198:00 AMRevenge F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen1-2Benedict Park3
10/19/1910:00 AMTempe United vs. AZ Fireo35 D15-2Benedict Park3
10/19/1912:00 PMBeersonal vs. Vikingso35 D13-1Benedict Park3
10/19/198:00 AMFine Young Canibals vs. Internationalo35 D20-3Benedict Park4
10/19/1910:00 AMGold Rush vs. Barcao35 D20-0Benedict Park4
10/19/1912:00 PMHooligans vs. AZ Stars F.Co35 D20-3Benedict Park4
Week 7
10/26/198:00 AMHeavy Petting Zoo vs. Green FlagOpen1-1Benedict Park2
10/26/1910:00 AMRevenge F.C vs. Buck UnitedOpen1-5Benedict Park2
10/26/1912:00 PMFat Boys vs. Red Rock F.COpen5-2Benedict Park2
10/26/198:00 AMSAFA AZ vs. AZ Fireo35 D14-0Benedict Park3
10/26/1910:00 AMFine Young Canibals vs. Tempe United F.Co35 D12-3Benedict Park3
10/26/1912:00 PMWolves vs. Internationalo35 D12-1Benedict Park3
10/26/198:00 AMBarca vs. Vikingso35 D24-1Benedict Park4
10/26/1910:00 AMHooligans vs. Beersonalo35 D26-3Benedict Park4
10/26/1912:00 PMGold Rush vs. AZ Stars F.Co35 D20-0Benedict Park4
11/2/198:00amBarca vs CarlisleOpen1-1Benedict Park3
11/2/1910:00amHeavy Petting Zoo vs Red Rock Open 4-2Benedict Park3
11/2/198:00amFat Boys vs Revenge FCOpen10-0Benedict Park4
11/2/1910:00amGreen Flag vs Buck UtdOpen3-4Benedict Park4
11/2/198:00amGold Rush vs Beersonalo35 D2 QF1-3Tempe Sports Complex2
11/2/1910:00amAZ Wolves vs Fine Young Cannibalso35 D1 QF4-2Tempe Sports Complex2
Hooligans vs Vikingso35 D2 QF3-1Tempe Sports Complex3
11/2/1910:00amAZ Fire vs Internationalo35 D1 QF3-2Tempe Sports Complex3
11/9/198:00amBarca vs Hooliganso35 D2 Semi2-0Benedict Park2
11/9/1910:00amAZ Stars vs Beersonalo35 D2Semi5-0Benedict Park2
11/9/198:00amCarlisle vs Buck UtdOpen Semi3-1Benedict Park3
11/9/1910:00amFat Boys vs Heavy Petting ZooOpen Semi1-3Benedict Park3
11/9/1912:00 pm
Green Flag FC vs Red Rock FCOpen Wooden Spoon Final0-3Benedict Park3
11/9/198:00amTempe Utd vs AZ Wolveso35 D1 Semi5-4 P.K'sBenedict Park4
11/9/1910:00amSAFA vs AZ Fireo35 D1 Semi7-2Benedict Park4
Week 10
11/168:00 amSAFA vs Tempe Utdo35 D12-1NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex
11/1610:00 amBarca vs AZ Starso35 D20-1NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex
11/1612:00 pmCarlisle vs Heavy Petting ZooOpen1-0NSFC Strikers Soccer Complex