Tuesday Night Volleyball Tempe

League Coordinator - Mark Watson

Special Announcement

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New Season Nov. 10th!


As with all our other leagues, we strive to provide casual and fun volleyball events for everyone to enjoy.

We run various volleyball leagues and volleyball tournaments throughout the year with the focus on adult players looking to have some fun in the sand, meet some new people and enjoy social volleyball.

Current league’s are in Tempe and Scottsdale.

Tempe League info:

What?  CoEd 4’s – Adults

Where?  Kiwanis Park

When?  Tuesday Nights between 7-10pm

Who? Male and female players.  All skill levels.  Adults 18+

Info?  The league runs 8 weeks with guaranteed 7 games.  7 weeks of league play and a week of playoffs.  1 game per night.  $55 Early Bird Discount ($65 reg price) for the season per player or $200 Early Bird Discount ($225 per player) per team of 4-6.  Trophies & prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

*Early Bird pricing ends 2 weeks before the start of each season.

How?  Click payment on the right to sign up or check our the FAQ to answer any questions.

League Announcements


Butt Sets
Mark's Favorite
Blocka Flocka Flame
How I Set Your Mother
Servix Slammers
I'd Hit That
2 Legit 2 Hit
Big Duck Energy
My Ball Zach Ertz


Week 1 - 11/17Court 1Court 2Court 3  
7:15 PMButt Sets vs ChewblockaBig Duck Energy vs Blocka Flocka FlameServix Slammers vs I'd Hit That1. Butt Sets
8:15 PM2 Legit 2 Hit vs Mark's FavoriteMy Ball Zach Ertz vs How I Set your Mother2. Big Duck Energy
3. My Ball Zach Ertz
Week 2- 12/1Court 1Court 2Court 34. Servix Slammers
7:15 PMHow I Set Your Mother vs Big Duck Energy2 Legit 2 Hit vs Servix SlammersMark's Favorite vs Blocka Flocka Flame5. I'd Hit That
8:15 PMMy Ball Zach Ertz vs Butt SetsChewblocka vs I'd Hit That6. How I Set Your Mother
7. 2 Legit 2 Hit
Week 3 - 12/8Court 1Court 2Court 38. Mark's Favorite
7:15 PMI'd Hit That vs 2 Legit 2 HitMark's Favorite vs My Ball Zach ErtzButt Sets vs How I Set your Mother9. Block a Flocka Flame
8:15 PMChewblocka vs Blocka Flocka FlameServix Slammers vs Bug Duck Energy10. Chewblocka
Week 4- 12/15Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PM
8:15 PM
Week 5- 1/5Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PM
8:15 PM
Week 6- 1/12Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PM
8:15 PM
Week 7- 1/19Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PM
8:15 PM
Week 8- 1/26
Playoffs- Rd 1
Single game Elimination
Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PM
7:45 PM
8:15 PM
Rd 2
Best of 3
9:00 PMChampionship