Friday Night Co-ed Soccer League

The Friday Night Co-ed Soccer League atmosphere is designed for casual soccer games. The coed soccer league games aren’t for the next World Cup contender, but if you want a friendly coed soccer playing experience then this is the coed league for you.  The league has different levels of play ranging from the casual soccer player to moderate skill of soccer players.  We are an adult coed soccer league and do require that participants are 18 years or older.

Please remember that coed soccer is a contact sport at times. We do try and limit physical play because the league is casual, yet injuries can happen so we strongly suggest each soccer player to have insurance.  You can purchase a short-term policy on your own, the league’s insurance is liability only.

Games are still on as of 8:10am on Friday, Dec 7th.  Please check back before heading to the fields to ensure the City doesn’t close the fields due to water on the fields.

Contact Phil for more info:

Championship Winner

Human Beehive FC win Winter 2017 Championship!

SMV FC for Winning the Fall 2016 Championship!

SMV FC for Winning the Summer 2016 Championship!

Wooden Spoon Winner

Arcadia Saints win the Winter 2017 Wooden Spoon!

Arcadia Saints win the Fall 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Human Beehive FC win the Summer 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Sonoran Standings

Shake n'bakeBlack41022111112
Human BeehiveYellow31017989
The CrewRed21110827
Dawg PoundPeach22013766
Conquistadors FCDeep Orange121810-24
Health Source SCGrey130618-123
Futbol CoalitionGold140720-133

Sonoran Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Ben DanielsShake N Bake5
Romelo ColeHealthsource5
Mike MeglemreShake N Bake4
Dan KnuffDawg Pound4
QShake N Bake4
Marco SunsjaraDawg Pound4
Leland HillebrandBeehive3
Trevor GatesDawg Pound3
Frank MinecciaConquistadors3
Tyler McClendonBeehive2
Mike SooThe Crew2
Brett MolaskyShake N Bake2
Melissa BeckShake N Bake2
Adrianna LashDawg Pound2
Brett MooreFutbol Coalition2
Enrique RuizFutbol Coalition2
Matt AlbanoBeehive2
Ian BorchersThe Crew2
Sari SociadiBeehive2
Tom BarakoThe Crew2
Ricardo MottaShake N Bake2
Joe TaubeBeehive1
Mannon EngelhardtBeehive1
Cory WhyteHealthsource1
Ben NelsonThe Crew1
Katy RosenthalConquistadors1
Kevin The Crew1
Jeff DavisConquistadors1
Stephanie ScarulloShake N Bake1
Mike CanoShake N Bake1
Carlos MendezConquistadors1
Katy HowellThe Crew1
Memo SalasThe Crew1
Tasha CampbellBeehive1
Matt SheetsBeehive1
Dallas BrighamFutbol Coalition1
Justin FelkeFutbol Coalition1
Mike KandoraShake N Bake1

Mohave Standings

FNDTIrish Green4112113813
Maximus F.C.Maroon3212213910
Ball BustersBlue 3211314-110
Son of a PitchNeon Green213141219
Wolf PackRed2401120-96
Team GalaxyYellow060532-270

Mohave Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Mike FussFNDT4
Nolan AlexanderSMV4
Kristin AvilaSMV4
Jordan DeanFNDT4
Gustavo LopezWolf Pack4
Christian VisoneMaximus3
Jessie ThomasMaximus3
Sergio MoyanoMaximus3
Jose MontesMaximus3
Noe GutierrezTeam Galaxy2
Jennifer RhodesPitch2
Suraje VassaramSMV2
Kristin BossSMV2
Melissa WarblerPitch2
Emery ShortMaximus2
Mike MalisaFNDT2
Eddie AcquaBall Busters2
Angel AvilaSMV1
Natasha ThorntonSMV1
Matt MoleiaBall Busters1
Shaun RyanSMV1
Robby FSMV1
Jordan KaukPitch1
Carlos MoyanoMaximus1
Robert JaroszSMV1
Kaleb ShevelandPitch1
Adrienne BeazerPitch1
Luis ArriolaWolf Pack1
ErvinWolf Pack1
EduardoTeam Galaxy1
Jojo KleinFNDT1
Danielle MinorMaximus1
Ricky JamisonFNDT1
Cesar MartinezWolf Pack1
Chandler AbettaBall Busters1
Caitlin PaulBall Busters1
Nik AndersonSMV1
Hannah GrothFNDT1
Cassandra ChavezFNDT1
Craig WilsonPitch1
Lauren DominickPitch1
Chandler ToherBall Busters1
Sean MorehouseBall Busters1
Emily BuffeBall Busters1


14-Sep6:30pmConquistadors FC at Team GalaxyTempe Sports Complex#1
14-Sep6:30pmSMV at Wolf PackTempe Sports Complex#2
14-Sep6:30pmSon of a Pitch at Maximus F.CTempe Sports Complex#4
14-Sep6:30pmDawg Pound at Shake n'bakeTempe Sports Complex#5
14-Sep8:10pmFutbol Coalition at The CrewTempe Sports Complex#1
14-Sep8:10pmBall Busters at FNDTTempe Sports Complex#2
14-Sep8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#4
14-Sep8:10pmHealth Source SC at The Human BeehiveTempe Sports Complex#5
21-Sep6:30pmThe Human Beehive at Conquistadors FCTempe Sports Complex#1
21-Sep6:30pmMaximus F.C at Team GalaxyTempe Sports Complex#2
21-Sep6:30pmSon of a Pitch at FNDTTempe Sports Complex#4
21-Sep6:30pmFutbol Coalition at Dawg PoundTempe Sports Complex#5
21-Sep8:10pmHealth Source SC at Shake n'bakeTempe Sports Complex#1
21-Sep8:10pmThe Crew at Wolf PackTempe Sports Complex#2
21-Sep8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#4
21-Sep8:10pmSMV at Ball BustersTempe Sports Complex#5
28-Sep6:30pmTeam Galaxy at Wolf PackTempe Sports Complex#1
28-Sep6:30pmMaximus F.C at FNDTTempe Sports Complex#2
28-Sep6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
28-Sep6:30pmSon of a Pitch at SMVTempe Sports Complex#5
28-Sep8:10pmConquistadors FC at The CrewTempe Sports Complex#1
28-Sep8:10pmBall Busters at Dawg PoundTempe Sports Complex#2
28-Sep8:10pmThe Human Beehive at Shake n'bakeTempe Sports Complex#4
28-Sep8:10pmHealth Source SC at Futbol CoalitionTempe Sports Complex#5
5-Oct6:30pmShake n'bake at Conquistadors FCTempe Sports Complex#1
5-Oct6:30pmFNDT at Team GalaxyTempe Sports Complex#2
5-Oct6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
5-Oct6:30pmMaximus F.C at SMVTempe Sports Complex#5
5-Oct8:10pmWolf Pack at Ball BustersTempe Sports Complex#1
5-Oct8:10pmThe Crew at Dawg PoundTempe Sports Complex#2
5-Oct8:10pmThe Human Beehive at Futbol CoalitionTempe Sports Complex#4
5-Oct8:10pmHealth Source SC at Son of a PitchTempe Sports Complex#5
12-OctBye Week
19-Oct6:30pmPotential Mini-TourneyBenedict#2
19-Oct8:10pmNot enough fields for league playBenedict#1
26-Oct6:30pmConquistadors FC at Dawg PoundTempe Sports Complex#1
26-Oct6:30pmFNDT at SMVTempe Sports Complex#2
26-Oct6:30pmWolf Pack at Son of a PitchTempe Sports Complex#4
26-Oct6:30pmShake n'bake at Futbol CoalitionTempe Sports Complex#5
26-Oct8:10pmTeam Galaxy at Ball BustersTempe Sports Complex#1
26-Oct8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#2
26-Oct8:10pmMaximus F.C at The Human BeehiveTempe Sports Complex#4
26-Oct8:10pmThe Crew at Health Source SCTempe Sports Complex#5
2-Nov6:30pmFutbol Coalition at Conquistadors FCTempe Sports Complex#1
2-Nov6:30pmDawg Pound at Health Source SCTempe Sports Complex#2
2-Nov6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
2-Nov6:30pmFNDT at Shake n'bakeTempe Sports Complex#5
2-Nov8:10pmSMV at Team GalaxyTempe Sports Complex#1
2-Nov8:10pmBall Busters at Son of a PitchTempe Sports Complex#2
2-Nov8:10pmThe Crew at The Human BeehiveTempe Sports Complex#4
2-Nov8:10pmWolf Pack at Maximus F.CTempe Sports Complex#5
Only Two Fields
9-Nov6:30pmBall Busters at Maximus F.CBenedict#1
9-Nov6:30pmSMV at Futbol CoalitionBenedict#3
9-Nov8:10pmTeam Galaxy at Son of a PitchBenedict#1
9-Nov8:10pmFNDT at Wolf PackBenedict#3
Only Two Fields
16-Nov6:30pmConquistadors FC at Health Source SCBenedict#1
16-Nov6:30pmFutbol Coalition at SMVBenedict#3
16-Nov8:10pmDawg Pound at The Human BeehiveBenedict#1
16-Nov8:10pmShake n'bake at The CrewBenedict#3
23-NovThanksgiving Weekend - Bye week
30-Nov6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#1
30-Nov6:30pmWeek One PlayoffsTempe Sports Complex#2
30-Nov6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
30-Nov6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#5
30-Nov8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#1
30-Nov8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#2
30-Nov8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#4
30-Nov8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#5
7-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#1
7-Dec6:30pmChampionship WeekTempe Sports Complex#2
7-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
7-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#5
7-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#1
7-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#2
7-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#4
7-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#5
14-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#1
14-Dec6:30pmRain outTempe Sports Complex#2
14-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#4
14-Dec6:30pmTempe Sports Complex#5
14-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#1
14-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#2
14-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#4
14-Dec8:10pmTempe Sports Complex#5