Saturday Mens Adult Soccer

The Saturday soccer league is the only full field adult soccer league in the valley.  It’s the full field game which focuses on both casual and competitive adult soccer games in the east valley with the focus on Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale.  We do run soccer leagues in other parts of the valley and host soccer tournaments year round but our focus is in Tempe soccer leagues. We started with seven soccer teams in Mesa but now boast in excess of twenty-four teams in the Tempe soccer league. The Tempe soccer league includes the over 35 division that plays in the afternoon after the youth leagues. We will continue to grow our soccer leagues reaching down to Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa and always welcome motivated individuals to help promote us around the valley. If you want to join in on the fun contact the league.

Contact Phil for more info:

Open Championship Winner

AZ Rangers win Spring 2016 Championships!

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Fall 2016 Championship!

Red Rock FC win the Spring 2017 Championship!

Red Rock FC win the Summer 2017 Championship!

Open Wooden Spoon Winner

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Summer 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Fuel FC win the Fall 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Heavy Petting Zoo win the Spring 2017 Wooden Spoon!

United FC win the Summer 2017 Wooden Spoon!

Over 35 Championship Winner

United FC win the Fall 2016 Championship!

United FC win the Spring 2017 Championship!

AZ Fire win the Summer 2017 Championship!

Over 35 Wooden Spoon Winner

Sporting FC win the Fall 2016 Wooden Spoon!

Liverpool win the Summer 2017 Wooden Spoon!

Open D1 Standings

Heavy Petting ZooGrey50133112216
Carlisle FCWhite4202014612
Green Flag FCGreen3121713411
Buck UnitedPurple330241869
Mission FCYellow222171258
Santa Rita JaguarsRed222131128
Anchor FCOrange1411239-284
Red Rock FCRed060624-180

Open D1 Golden Boot

Andre ToussaintBuck United12
Joe McCalloughZoo9
Ife AkintayoZoo5
Bruno NowenziemSanta Rita5
Tyler WatkinsAnchor FC5
Guillermo BenitezGreen Flag5
Zach DeMarkBuck United5
Liam BraceGreen Flag4
Brian DregsonMission FC4
Anthony DiJohnZoo4
Scott NelsonAnchor FC3
Jenny RhodesZoo3
Mark FrelasSanta Rita3
Geraldo AlvarezSanta Rita3
Mark PearseMission FC3
Grant GosselinCarlisle3
Echi-AboliRed Rock3
Josh CiroccoZoo2
James PalestiniZoo2
Collin ClatanoffCarlisle2
Abe CoriaCarlisle2
Erik PaviaSanta Rita2
Tim GoebelCarlisle2
Ife AkintayoZoo2
Eric ThomasZoo2
John WalkGreen Flag2
Kevin MurphyBuck United2
Dwayne JohnsonMission FC2
Paul SchmidtkeMission FC2
Ben HauglandCarlisle2
Pablo CollZoo2
Jay MendozaGreen Flag1
Alex TrichakRed Rock1
Scott NelsonAnchor FC1
Derek GilbertMission FC1
Allan CooleyZoo1
Scott CrandallCarlisle1
Darien PenaCarlisle1
Eric OntiverosCarlisle1
Chris EckersonMission FC1
Nick StewertMission FC1
Tyler TrahanMission FC1
David SteuberCarlisle1
Krzysztof DanczukRed Rock1
Jim EnrightGreen Flag1
Matteo ZazzaAnchor FC1
Antonio ChaparroGreen Flag1
Simon FloresAnchor FC1
Michael SackettMission FC1
Cesar SandovalBuck United1
Tosh OxborrowBuck United1
Keith SangstonCarlisle1
Jonathan HennessZoo1
Steven BeachZoo1
Robert MaestasGreen Flag1
Andy SchlicksupGreen Flag1
Ryan CookMission FC1
Sal BaretoCarlisle1
Georger BenyaminAnchor FC1
Mike MillerBuck United1
Arjun SharmaCarlisle1
Matt MaliaCarlisle1
John GothmeisCarlisle1
Josh VelazquezRed Rock1
Andres RossiniZoo1
Dave MarianiGreen Flag1
Jordan KaukAnchor FC1
Connor RyanBuck United1
Andrew NybergBuck United1

Open D2 Standings

Group A
Heavy Petting ZooGrey6102071318
Fuel FCRed520178915
Green Flag FCGreen241714-77
Group B
Fat BoysCarolina Blue4301615112
Santa Rita JaguarsRed3311214-210
Dream Chasers FCGreen070620-140

Open D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Scott NelsonFat Boys5
Dallas BrighamFat Boys5
Josh CiroccoZoo4
Brian EvansFuel FC3
Allen CooleyZoo3
Joe McCalloughZoo3
Jeff PhillipsFuel FC3
Bruno NowenzternSanta Rita3
Farzad GhayourFuel FC3
Dan CiroccoZoo3
Maziar TokmehchinFuel FC3
Cian MacheleDream Chasers2
Michael ClarkeFuel FC2
Jay MendozaGreen Flag1
Carlos FlorezGreen Flag1
Antonio CabralGreen Flag1
George BenyaminFat Boys1
Rafael SanchezFat Boys1
Erik PavillaSanta Rita1
David LutzDream Chasers1
Carlos MelladoZoo1
Adam EvansGreen Flag1
Michael HowardFat Boys1
Isaac GrafSanta Rita1
Devon ParshallDream Chasers1
Jose ArmandoFat Boys1
Farhad GhayourFuel FC1
Tosin Santa Rita1
Carlos ArriagaFat Boys1

Over 35 Standings

East Valley FCGreen5012381516
SAFA AZRed/Black4112271513
Az FireMaroon2221718-18
BarcaLt. Blue033816-83
Gold RushGold060927-180

Over 35 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Nate HowardEast Valley7
Brad CurtisSAFA AZ7
Adam LawAZ Fire5
Robert SaxelbyBarca4
Jan Erik SaueAZ Fire4
Greg BurkeEast Valley4
Manny ChavezEast Valley3
Greg NunnallySAFA AZ3
Vu HuyngGold Rush3
Steve HoshAZ Fire3
Muhammed AlzubidiSAFA AZ3
Morgan KimminsMutiny3
Chris ThomasEast Valley3
Anthony HessanoMutiny3
Toni AntonniSAFA AZ2
Ross NovotnyGold Rush2
Alex DailyAZ Fire2
Glen RobertsAZ Fire2
Clement AttahGold Rush2
Nathan MyrvoldSAFA AZ2
Eric BormanSAFA AZ2
Juan FrancoEast Valley1
Melvin CosbyMutiny1
Chip EstradaEast Valley1
Gert JorgensenEast Valley1
Juan Juve PenaBarca1
Kevin MillerSAFA AZ1
Matt BerbnerGold Rush1
Garrett SchmidtAZ Fire1
Christian WoolfMutiny1
Leopoldo CabezasEast Valley1
Thomas JohnsonBarca1
Keith KnoeferlEast Valley1
Ben SywanungsymunGold Rush1
Tal DvirBarca1
Chris BesendorferSAFA AZ1
Dakel HashemSAFA AZ1
Mike FurstEast Valley1
Jonatan MorelloBarca1
Paul VachekBarca1


February 2, 20198:00amAZ Fire vs SAFA AZBenedictField 1
February 2, 20198:00amBarca AZ vs MutinyBenedictField 2
February 2, 20198:00amEast Valley FC vs Gold RushBenedictField 3
February 2, 20198:00amBuck UTD vs Carlisle FCBenedictfield 4
February 2, 201910:00amAZ Stars FC vs Fine Young CanibalsBenedictField 1
February 2, 201910:00amBeersonal vs VikingsBenedictField 2
February 2, 201910:00amHooligans vs InternacionalBenedictField 3
February 2, 201910:00amHeavy Petting Zoo vs Mission FCBenedictfield 4
February 2, 201912:00pmBenedictField 1
February 2, 201912:00pmBenedictField 2
February 2, 201912:00pmAnchor FC vs Santa Rita JaguarsBenedictField 3
February 2, 201912:00pmGreen Flag FC vs Red Rock FCBenedictfield 4