Special Announcement

Saturday Mens Adult Soccer

New season starting Jan 16th 2021

We are passionate about the beautiful game, we live and breathe it, & our aim in creating the Phoenix Premier League was to bring the best possible adult amateur soccer program to the state. We certainly feel we’ve achieved this.

The Phoenix Premier Leagues offers multiple Divisions from the baller to the rec player, and Saturday’s feature the most competitive over 35’s Divisions around town. Over 45’s isn’t far behind! Whatever your skill level, we’ll have a Division for it, and all are welcome. Not only do we have the best teams in the state, we also have the most diverse with teams/players from all corners of the globe.

We’re also committed to growing together and firmly believe in our soccer community. Phoenix Premier League and its sister leagues supports local businesses & charities, and is proud to be part of the best soccer community out there! 

Come join us every Saturday, games are between 8am til 2pm, played in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Mesa.

Phoenix Premier League runs four seasons during the year: January – April (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) July- August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season). 

Need more info: chris@azsportsleague.com

Champions Men's Open

Open Final, Phoenix Lights FC vs. Higley…guaranteed to feature goals and high octane play!

Champions Over 35

We crown some new champs for both o35 Divisions, congrats to AZ Wolves who took home the D1 ship & D2 winners UFC!

Open D1 Standings

Rally FCOrange7112882022
PHX Celtic S.CGreen/White hoops61237162120
PHX Lights FCLime Green62127111619
Higley FCBlue52231141717
Green Flag FC Grey4322019114
PHX Lights IILime Green4412922713
Red Rock FCRed3512214810
Heavy Petting ZooGreen/Grey3512130-910
Globo Gym Purple CobrasPurple0901172-610

Open D1 Golden Boot

Andre ToussainRally FC8

Over 35 D1 Standings

AZ WolvesYellow5111861216
Tempe UtdBlack3311412210
The 30PKMint green2411822-47
AZ FireMaroon2411726-77

o35 D1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Robie HannaLegacy12

Over 35 D2 Standings

Hooligans Green61030111918
Fine Young CannibalsBlack4212015513
Colombia FCYellow43022111111
International White3311110110

o35 D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Pavle LozevskiUFC12


Week 1 ON A BYE: Beersenal  Quail Run Park
4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 85215
9/19/208:00 AMAZ Fire vs. BarcaO35 D13-2Quail Run1
9/19/2010:00 AMHooligans vs. UFCO35 D25-3Quail Run1
9/19/2012:00 PMRed Rock F.C vs. Rally F.COpen0-2Quail Run1
9/19/208:00 AMGFFC vs. Carlisle UnitedOpen2 - 0Quail Run2
9/19/2010:00 AMLegacy vs. The 30pkO35 D16 - 3Quail Run2
9/19/2012:00 PMColombia vs. InternationalO35 D23 - 1Quail Run2
9/19/202:00 PMHigley F.C vs. Globo GymOpen9 - 1Quail Run2
Pecos Park
17010 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85048
9/19/208:00 AMTempe United vs. Wolves F.CO35 D11 - 3Pecos Park3
9/19/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen9 - 3Pecos Park3
9/19/2012:00 PMFYC vs. VikingsO35 D24 - 3Pecos Park3
Week 2ON A BYE: InternationalFreestone Park
1045 East Juniper Avenue
Gilbert, AZ 85234
9/26/208:00 AMBeersenal vs. UFCO35 D20-7Quail Run Park1
9/26/2010:00 AMPhoenix Lights F.C vs. Red RockOpen2-1Quail Run Park1
9/26/2012:00 PMRally F.C vs. Phoenix Lights IIOpen4-0Quail Run Park1
9/26/208:00 AMFYC vs. Colombia F.CO35 D23-1Quail Run Park2
9/26/2010:00 AMTempe United vs. The 30pkO35 D12-1Quail Run Park2
9/26/208:00 AMVikings vs. HooligansO35 D22-5Freestone ParkEast Field
9/26/2010:00 AMBarca vs. WolvesO35 D12-0Freestone ParkEast Field
9/26/2012:00 PMGlobo Gym vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen1-5Freestone ParkEast Field
9/26/208:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Carlisle UnitedOpen6-4Freestone ParkWest Field
9/26/2010:00 AMLegacy vs. AZ FireO35 D14-4Freestone ParkWest Field
9/26/2012:00 PMHigley F.C vs. GFFCOpen4-1Freestone ParkWest Field
10/3/208:00 AMBarca vs. Tempe UnitedO35 D12-1Quail Run Park1
10/3/2010:00 AMAZ Fire vs. The 30pkO35 D14-6Quail Run Park1
10/3/2012:00 PMPhoenix Lights 2 vs. Globo GymOpen12-0Quail Run Park1
10/3/202:00 PMPhoenix Lights F.C vs. Red RockOpen3-0Quail Run Park1
10/3/208:00 AMWolves vs. LegacyO35 D11-3Quail Run Park2
10/3/2010:00 AMCarlisle United vs. HPZOpen1-3Quail Run Park2
10/3/2012:00 PMColombia F.C vs. UFCO35 D22-3Quail Run Park2
10/3/202:00 PMRally F.C vs. Higley F.COpen3-0Quail Run Park2
10/3/208:00 AMHooligans vs. InternationalO35 D22-1Hohokam ParkSouth Field
10/3/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. GFFCOpen2-2Hohokam ParkSouth Field
10/3/2012:00 PMBeersenal vs. VikingsO35 D20-10Hohokam ParkSouth Field
Week 4ON A BYE: Colombia FC
10/10/208:00 AMWolves vs. AZ FireO35 D13-1Tempe Sports Complex2
10/10/2010:00 AMLegacy vs. Tempe UnitedO35 D11-3Tempe Sports Complex2
10/10/2012:00 PMGFFC vs. Rally F.COpen0-2Tempe Sports Complex2
10/10/208:00 AMFYC vs. UFCO35 D22-5Tempe Sports Complex3
10/10/2010:00 AMBarca vs. The 30pkO35 D12-2Tempe Sports Complex3
10/10/2012:00 PMGlobo Gym vs. Red RockOpen2-10Tempe Sports Complex3
10/10/208:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Phoenix Lights IIOpen2-5Tempe Sports Complex4
10/10/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Phoenix Lights F.COpen3-2Tempe Sports Complex4
10/10/2012:00 PMHigley F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen4-3Tempe Sports Complex4
10/10/208:00 AMBeersenal vs. HooligansO35 D20-7Tempe Sports Complex6
10/10/2010:00 AMVikings vs. InternationalO35 D20-4Tempe Sports Complex6
10/10/2012:00 PMTempe Sports Complex6
Week 5ON A BYE: Vikings
10/17/208:00 AMRed Rock vs. Phoenix Celtic S.COpen1-2Freestone ParkEast
10/17/2010:00 AMFYC vs. BeersenalO35 D27-0Freestone ParkEast
10/17/2012:00 PMPhoenix Lights II vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen2-2Freestone ParkEast
10/17/208:00 AMTempe United vs. AZ FireO35 D16-1Freestone ParkWest
10/17/2010:00 AMUFC vs. InternationalO35 D20-1Freestone ParkWest
10/17/2012:00 PMGFFC vs. Globo GymOpen4-2Freestone ParkWest
2:00 PMPhoenix Lights vs. Higley F.COpen 0-0Freestone ParkWest
10/17/208:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Rally F.COpen1-1Benedict Park4
10/17/2010:00 AMBarca vs. LegacyO35 D12-4Benedict Park4
10/17/2012:00 PMThe 30pk vs. WolvesO35 D10-5Benedict Park4
10/17/202:00 PMColombia F.C vs. HooligansO35 D21-2Benedict Park4
10/24/208:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen1-3Tempe Sports Complex3
10/24/2010:00 AMGFFC vs. Red RockOpen2-2Tempe Sports Complex3
10/24/2012:00 PMHigley F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic S.COpen0-0Tempe Sports Complex3
10/24/208:00 AMBarca vs. AZ FireO35 D10-1Tempe Sports Complex4
10/24/2010:00 AMGlobo Gym vs. Rally F.COpen0-8Tempe Sports Complex4
10/24/2012:00 PMTempe Sports Complex4
10/24/208:00 AMWolves vs. Tempe UnitedO35 D11-1Tempe Sports Complex5
10/24/2010:00 AMColombia F.C vs. VikingsO35 D23-1Tempe Sports Complex5
10/24/2012:00 PMLegacy vs. The 30PKO35 D23-2Tempe Sports Complex5
10/24/208:00 AMHooligans vs. FYCO35 D22-3Tempe Sports Complex6
10/24/2010:00 AMBeersenal vs. InternationalO35 D20-3Tempe Sports Complex6
Week 7ON A BYE: Hooligans
10/31/208:00 AMRally F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic S.COpen4-2Tempe Sports Complex2
10/31/2010:00 AMPhoenix Lights F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen6-1Tempe Sports Complex2
10/31/2012:00 PMBeersenal vs. Colombia F.CO35 D21-9Tempe Sports Complex2
10/31/208:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Globo GymOpen9-3Tempe Sports Complex3
10/31/2010:00 AMPhoenix Lights II vs. GFFCOpen6-2Tempe Sports Complex3
10/31/2012:00 PMHigley F.C vs. Red RockOpen1-0Tempe Sports Complex3
10/31/208:00 AMAZ Fire vs. LegacyO35 D13-5Tempe Sports Complex4
10/31/2010:00 AMThe 30pk vs. Tempe UnitedO35 D14-0Tempe Sports Complex4
10/31/2012:00 PMBarca vs. WolvesO35 D10-3Tempe Sports Complex4
10/31/208:00 AMInternational vs. FYCO35 D21-1Tempe Sports Complex6
10/31/2010:00 AMUFC vs. VikingsO35 D24-1Tempe Sports Complex6
10/31/2012:00 PMPhoenix Lights F.C vs. Phoenix Lights IIOpen3-0Tempe Sports Complex6
Week 8ON A BYE: Beersenal
11/7/208:00 AMCarlisle United vs. Red RockOpen0-5Tempe Sports Complex2
11/7/2010:00 AMGlobo Gym vs. Phoenix Celtic S.COpen0-10Tempe Sports Complex2
11/7/2012:00 PMPhoenix Lights F.C II vs. Higley F.COpen4-3Tempe Sports Complex2
11/7/208:00 AMRally F.C vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen2-1Tempe Sports Complex3
11/7/2010:00 AMPhoenix Lights F.C vs. GFFCOpen1-3Tempe Sports Complex3
11/7/2012:00 PMAZ Fire vs. BarcaO35 D14-7Tempe Sports Complex3
11/7/208:00 AMAZ Wolves vs. The 30PKO35 D14-2Tempe Sports Complex4
11/7/2010:00 AMLegacy vs. Tempe UtdO35 D14-0Tempe Sports Complex4
11/7/208:00 AMHooligans vs. VikingsO35 D27-1Tempe Sports Complex6
11/7/2010:00 AMUFC vs. InternationalO35 D24-0Tempe Sports Complex6
11/7/2012:00 PMFYC vs. ColombiaO35 D20-3Tempe Sports Complex6
Week 9ON A BYE: Vikings
11/14/208:00 AMHigley F.C vs. Carlisle UnitedOpen10-2Benedict Park 1
11/14/2010:00 AMPhoenix Lights II vs. Red RockOpen0-3Benedict Park 1
11/14/2012:00 PMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Phoenix Lights IIOpen3-0Benedict Park 1
11/14/208:00 AMGFFC vs. Heavy Petting ZooOpen4-0Benedict Park 2
11/14/2010:00 AMRally F.C vs. Phoenix Lights F.COpen2-4Benedict Park 2
11/14/2012:00 PMGlobo Gym vs. Phoenix Lights F.COpen2-5Benedict Park 2
11/14/208:00 AMHooligans vs. Colombia FCO35 D23-4Benedict Park 3
11/14/2010:00 AMUFC vs. FYCO35 D2 6-2Benedict Park 3
11/14/208:00 AMAZ Wolves vs. LegacyO35 D15-0Benedict Park 4
11/14/2010:00 AMInternational vs. BeersenalO35 D2 7-2Benedict Park 4
Week 10
11/21/208:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Phoenix Lights F.COpen3-3
(2-4 PK's)
Tempe Sports Complex6
11/21/2010:00 AMRally F.C vs. Higley F.COpen2-3Tempe Sports Complex6
11/21/208:00 AMUFC vs. Colombia F.CO35 D21-0Tempe Sports Complex5
11/21/2010:00 AMBeersenal vs. VikingsO35 D20-2Tempe Sports Complex5
Week 11
12/5/209amPhoenix Lights FC vs. HigleyOpenFinalTempe Sports Complex2