Sunday Adult Soccer League

Winter 2019/20 Season Kicks Off January 12th

The PPL was created to bring the best adult soccer program possible to the state. We are passionate about providing a quality league experience for all our players and teams to enjoy the beautiful game.

Games are played on Sundays at 9am, 11am, 1pm or 3pm in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

We have multiple divisions of play with some of the best amateur soccer players in the state but also divisions for all skill levels so everyone is welcome to join in.

We’re committed to being the best and welcome all teams to join us as we continue to grow together as a community.

Seasons generally run: January – April (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) July- August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season).

We offer Men’s Open and Over 35 divisions.  Over 35 qualifying players must be 35 the year of the season they are playing in. Teams can have 3 exceptions but must be over 30.

Contact Chris for more info:

Reigning Champions

2019 Summer Division 1 Champions // The Reds

2019 Summer Division 2 Champions // Lobos FC

2019 Summer Division 3 Champions  // Lightspeed FC

D1 Standings

Bones FCWhite5202215715
Wings FCWhite4211510513
Effen SoccerNeon Green3311917210
The RedsBlue3312423110
Hidden TrackOrange
Soccer Gang
Phoenix Celtic BhoysGreen/White1331620-46

D1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Luis AramillaPhx Celtic Bhoys7
Dominic PapaHidden Track6
Eric TurnerThe Reds6
Paul LaMarcaHidden Track FC 6

D2 Group A Standings

HerbSwift FCGreen41222121014
Fulham FCWhite4211612413
Mission FCGrey3311719-210

D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Sebastian Bolotner HerbSwift FC11
Matt MorinFulham FC9
Adeoluwa Ogunmefun Celtic AZ8
Diarra VennerLobos 7

D2 Group B Standings

AZ RangersOrange4211718-113
Celtic AZBlack43026161012
Corinthian Steam RollersGrey/Red1511324-114
Slightly AthleticoYellow/Black0611024-141

D3 Standings

AZ LionsGreen50226111517
Lionhearts FCMaroon43024121212
SeytansNavy Blue3318719
Lightspeed FCRoyal Blue232201378
Tempe New BoysWhite232171348
Los BlancosWhite250132186
The Participation TrophiesRed070251-480

D3 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Omar Aljanabi AZ Lions10
Vincent ArandLionhearts FC8

D4 Standings

FC ArmadaWhite6013883019
Pitches be Crazy FCRed33127171010
Strictly Business SpartansBlack2411629-137
Octavian FCMaroon2501225-136
FC CobraBlack1601344-313

D4 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Tony IniguezFC Armada17
Justin Brown Pitches be Crazy15
Brett DavisD.O.B11


DateTimeFixtureDivisionResultLocationField #
09/08/19WEEK 1WEEK 1
09/08/198amEffen Soccer F.C vs. Hidden TrackDiv 13-4Tempe Sports Complex1
09/08/1910amBones F.C vs. Wings F.CDiv 13-0Tempe Sports Complex1
09/08/1912pmDiamonds F.C vs. The RedsDiv 13-5Tempe Sports Complex1
09/08/192pmPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. Soccer GangDiv 13-3Tempe Sports Complex1
09/08/194pmSeytans vs AZ Lions
Div 31-2Tempe Sports Complex1
09/08/198amLMIC vs. Lobos F.CDiv 26-3Tempe Sports Complex2
09/08/1910amAZ Rangers vs. Celtic AZDiv 23-1Tempe Sports Complex2
09/08/1912pmHerbswift F.C vs. Fulham F.CDiv 21-2Tempe Sports Complex2
09/08/192pmSlightly Athletico vs. Corinthians Steam RollersDiv 21-1Tempe Sports Complex2
09/08/198amKorona F.C vs. Incinerators F.CDiv 20-0Tempe Sports Complex3
09/08/1910amOctavian F.C vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 41-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/08/1912pmD.O.B vs. F.C CobraDiv 47-5Tempe Sports Complex3
09/08/192pmAZFU vs Mission FC
Div 21-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/08/198amSMV vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 34-0Tempe Sports Complex4
09/08/1910amF.C Armada vs. Pitches Be CrazyDiv 45-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/08/1912pmParticipation Trophies vs. Lightspeed FCDiv 30-8Tempe Sports Complex4
09/08/192pmLos Blancos vs Lionhearts FCDiv 31-5Tempe Sports Complex4
09/15/19WEEK 2WEEK 2
09/15/198amD.O.B. vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 42-2Tempe Sports Complex2
09/15/1910amPitches Be Crazy vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 42-2Tempe Sports Complex2
09/15/1912pmF.C Cobra vs. Octavian F.CDiv 42-3Tempe Sports Complex2
09/15/192pmMission FC vs. Korona F.CDiv 25-5Tempe Sports Complex2
09/15/194pmFulham F.C vs. Incinerators F.CDiv 21-1Tempe Sports Complex2
09/15/198amHidden Track vs. The RedsDiv 13-7Tempe Sports Complex3
09/15/1910amSoccer Gang vs. Bones F.CDiv 12-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/15/1912pmEffen Soccer F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 16-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/15/192pmWings F.C vs. Diamonds F.CDiv 12-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/15/198amHerbSwift F.C vs. AZFUDiv 22-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/15/1910amCeltic AZ vs. Lobos F.CDiv 25-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/15/1912pmSlightly Athletico vs. AZ RangersDiv 21-2Tempe Sports Complex4
09/15/192pmLos Blancos vs. Participation TrophiesDiv 39-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/15/198amSMV vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 34-0Tempe Sports Complex6
09/15/1910amCorinthians Steam Rollers vs. LMICDiv 22-3Tempe Sports Complex6
09/15/1912pmLightspeed F.C vs. AZ LionsDiv 32-3Tempe Sports Complex6
09/15/192pmTempe Newboys vs. SeytansDiv 30-2Tempe Sports Complex6
09/22/19WEEK 3WEEK 3
09/22/198amLobos F.C vs. AZ RangersDiv 22-2Tempe Sports Complex2
09/22/1910amLightspeed F.C vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 32-2Tempe Sports Complex2
09/22/1912pmParticipation Trophies vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 30-11Tempe Sports Complex2
09/22/192pmSeytans vs. SMVDiv 30-3Tempe Sports Complex2
09/22/198amThe Reds vs. Effen Soccer F.CDiv 13-5Tempe Sports Complex3
09/22/1910amLMIC vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 21-0Tempe Sports Complex3
09/22/1912pmWings F.C vs. Hidden TrackDiv 14-2Tempe Sports Complex3
09/22/192pmDiamonds F.C vs. Soccer GangDiv 18-2Tempe Sports Complex3
09/22/194pmBones F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 13-5Tempe Sports Complex3
09/22/198amKorona F.C vs. AZFUDiv 21-2Tempe Sports Complex4
09/22/1910amIncinerators F.C vs. HerbSwift F.CDiv 23-3Tempe Sports Complex4
09/22/1912pmCeltic AZ vs. Corinthians Steam RollersDiv 23-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/22/192pmMission FC vs. Fulham F.CDiv 21-4Tempe Sports Complex4
09/22/198amF.C Cobra vs. Pitches Be CrazyDiv 40-11Tempe Sports Complex6
09/22/1910amOctavian F.C vs. D.O.B.Div 41-5Tempe Sports Complex6
09/22/1912pmStrictly Business Spartans vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 43-10Tempe Sports Complex6
09/22/192pmAZ Lions vs. Los BlancosDiv 33-1Tempe Sports Complex6
09/29/19WEEK 4WEEK 4
09/29/198amStrictly Business Spartans vs. D.O.B.Div 42-5Tempe Sports Complex2
09/29/1910amF.C Cobra vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 40-9Tempe Sports Complex2
09/29/1912pmOctavian F.C vs. Pitches Be CrazyDiv 42-6Tempe Sports Complex2
09/29/192pmSeytans vs. Participation TrophiesDiv 33-0Tempe Sports Complex2
09/29/198amLightspeed F.C vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 31-6Tempe Sports Complex3
09/29/1910amFulham F.C vs. AZ RangersDiv 22-3Tempe Sports Complex3
09/29/1912pmMission FC vs. LMICDiv 24-2Tempe Sports Complex3
09/29/192pmAZFU vs. Lobos F.CDiv 20-0Tempe Sports Complex3
09/29/198amIncinerators F.C vs. Celtic AZDiv 23-5Tempe Sports Complex4
09/29/1910amHerbSwift F.C vs. Corinthians Steam RollersDiv 27-1Tempe Sports Complex4
09/29/1912pmKorona F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 25-2Tempe Sports Complex4
09/29/192pmAZ Lions vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 34-4Tempe Sports Complex4
09/29/194pmSMV vs. Los BlancosDiv 32-0Tempe Sports Complex4
09/29/198amSoccer Gang vs. Hidden TrackDiv 13-5Tempe Sports Complex6
09/29/1910amBones F.C vs. Effen Soccer F.CDiv 11-0Tempe Sports Complex6
09/29/1912pmPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. Diamonds F.CDiv 11-1Tempe Sports Complex6
09/29/192pmThe Reds vs. Wings F.CDiv 11-3Tempe Sports Complex6
10/06/19WEEK 5WEEK 5
10/06/198amLightspeed F.C vs. SMVDiv 30-2Benedict Sports Complex1
10/06/1910amTempe Newboys vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 30-1Benedict Sports Complex1
10/06/1912pmAZ Lions vs. Participation TrophiesDiv 39-1Benedict Sports Complex1
10/06/192pmLos Blancos vs. SeytansDiv 32-1Benedict Sports Complex1
10/06/198amStrictly Business Spartans vs. Pitches Be CrazyDiv 42-3Benedict Sports Complex2
10/06/1910amKorona F.C vs. Lobos F.CDiv 27-2Benedict Sports Complex2
10/06/1912pmF.C Armada vs. Octavian F.CDiv 44-0Benedict Sports Complex2
10/06/192pmF.C Cobra vs. D.O.B.Div 41-9Benedict Sports Complex2
10/06/194pmHerbSwift F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 23-1Benedict Sports Complex2
10/06/198amDiamonds F.C vs. Bones F.CDiv 12-8Benedict Sports Complex3
10/06/1910amSoccer Gang vs. The RedsDiv 16-2Benedict Sports Complex3
10/06/1912pmWings F.C vs. Effen Soccer F.CDiv 11-1Benedict Sports Complex3
10/06/192pmMission FC vs. Celtic AZDiv 22-1Benedict Sports Complex3
10/06/198amAZFU vs. AZ RangersDiv 22-3Benedict Sports Complex4
10/06/1910amHidden Track vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 12-1Benedict Sports Complex4
10/06/1912pmFulham F.C vs. LMICDiv 23-2Benedict Sports Complex4
10/06/192pmIncinerators F.C vs. Corinthians Steam RollersDiv 22-1Benedict Sports Complex4
10/13/19WEEK 6WEEK 6
10/13/198amKorona F.C vs. HerbSwift F.CDiv 23-3Tempe Sports Complex5
10/13/1910amAZ Rangers vs. Corinthians Steam RollersDiv 24-7Tempe Sports Complex5
10/13/1912pmAZFU vs. Fulham F.CDiv 23-0Tempe Sports Complex5
10/13/192pmLobos F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 23-2Tempe Sports Complex5
10/13/194pmTempe Newboys vs. Participation TrophiesDiv 39-0Tempe Sports Complex5
10/13/198amHidden Track vs. Bones F.CDiv 13-4Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/1910amEffen Soccer F.C vs. Diamonds F.CDiv 12-1Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/1912pmPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. The RedsDiv 13-3Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/192pmSoccer Gang vs. Wings F.CDiv 10-3Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/194pmIncinerators F.C vs. Mission FCDiv 23-1Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/196pmOctavian F.C vs. F.C CobraDiv 42-3Tempe Sports Complex4
10/13/198amLMIC vs. Celtic AZDiv 23-2Tempe Sports Complex6
10/13/1910amSMV vs. AZ LionsDiv 31-1Tempe Sports Complex6
10/13/1912pmLos Blancos vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 30-7Tempe Sports Complex6
10/13/192pmLionhearts F.C vs. SeytansDiv 30-1Tempe Sports Complex6
10/13/194pmPitches Be Crazy vs. D.O.B.Div 43-4Tempe Sports Complex6
10/13/196pmF.C Armada vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 46-1Tempe Sports Complex6
10/20/19WEEK 7WEEK 7
10/20/198amSlightly Athletico vs. Celtic AZDiv 2POSTPONEDQuail Run Sports Complex1
10/20/1910amThe Reds vs. Bones F.CDiv 13-0Quail Run Sports Complex1
10/20/1912pmEffen Soccer F.C vs. Soccer GangDiv 12-4Quail Run Sports Complex1
10/20/192pmWings F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 12-0Quail Run Sports Complex1
10/20/198amAZ Rangers vs. LMICDiv 20-3Quail Run Sports Complex2
10/20/1910amFulham F.C vs. Korona F.CDiv 24-1Quail Run Sports Complex2
10/20/1912pmDiamonds F.C vs. Hidden TrackDiv 15-3Quail Run Sports Complex2
10/20/192pmLos Blancos vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 30-2Quail Run Sports Complex2
10/20/194pmCorinthians Steam Rollers vs. Lobos F.CDiv 20-4Quail Run Sports Complex2
10/20/198amPitches Be Crazy vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 41-2Quail Run Sports Complex3
10/20/1910amAZFU vs. Incinerators F.CDiv 21-4Quail Run Sports Complex3
10/20/1912pmHerbSwift F.C vs. Mission F.CDiv 23-1Quail Run Sports Complex3
10/20/192pmSeytans vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 30-0Quail Run Sports Complex3
10/20/198amLionhearts F.C vs. AZ LionsDiv 31-4Quail Run Sports Complex4
10/20/1910amParticipation Trophies vs. SMVDiv 30-3Quail Run Sports Complex4
10/20/1912pmD.O.B. vs. Octavian F.CDiv 42-3Quail Run Sports Complex4
10/20/192pmF.C Cobra vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 42-3Quail Run Sports Complex4
10/27/1910amSlightly Athletico vs. Celtic AZDiv 23-9Benedict Sports Complex1
11/03/198amEffen Soccer vs Hidden TrackDiv 1 QF0-4Benedict Sports Complex1
11/03/1910amThe Reds vs DiamondsDiv 1 QF1-2Benedict Sports Complex1
11/03/1912pmSoccer Gang vs Celtic BhoysDiv 1 Relegation4-3 P.K'sBenedict Sports Complex1
11/03/192pmHerbSwift FC vs Lobos Div 2 QF6-2Benedict Sports Complex1
11/03/198amFulham FC vs Celtic AZDiv 2 QF3-2Benedict Sports Complex2
11/03/1910amLMIC vs Mission FCDiv 2 QF4-2 P.K'sBenedict Sports Complex2
11/03/1912pmAZ Rangers vs IncineratorsDiv 2 QF2-1Benedict Sports Complex2
11/03/192pmKorona vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 2 Relegation Semi5-3 P.K'sBenedict Sports Complex2
11/03/198amCorinthians Steam Rollers vs. AZFUDiv 2 Relegation Semi1-7Benedict Sports Complex3
11/03/1910amLionhearts vs Tempe New BoysDiv 3 QF4-3 P.K'sBenedict Sports Complex3
11/03/1912pmSeytans vs Lightspeed FCDiv 3 QF3-4 P.K'sBenedict Sports Complex3
11/03/192pmLos Blancos vs Participation TrophiesDiv 3 Relegation3-0Benedict Sports Complex3
11/03/198amFC Armada vs Strictly Business SpartansDiv 4 Semi3-2Benedict Sports Complex4
11/03/1910amDOB vs Pitches be Crazy FCDiv 4 Semi1-2Benedict Sports Complex4
11/03/1912pmOctavian FC vs FC CobraDiv 4 Wooden Spoon FINAL3-0Benedict Sports Complex4
11/03/192pmBenedict Sports Complex4
11/10/198amHerbSwift FC vs AZ RangersD2 Semi Final2-4Quail Run Sports Complex3
11/10/1910amLMIC vs Fulham FCD2 Semi Final0-3Quail Run Sports Complex3
11/10/1912pmBones FC vs DiamondsD1 Semi Final3-1Quail Run Sports Complex3
11/10/192pmCorinthian Steam Rollers vs Slightly AthleticoDiv 2 Relegation FINAL5-4 P.K'sQuail Run Sports Complex3
11/10/198amSMV vs Lightspeed FCD3 Semi Final3-0Quail Run Sports Complex4
11/10/1910amAZ Lions vs Lionhearts FCD3 Semi Final5-4Quail Run Sports Complex4
11/10/1912pmWings FC vs Hidden TrackD1 Semi Final3-2Quail Run Sports Complex4
11/10/192pmFC Armada vs Pitches be Crazy FCDiv 4 FINAL6-5 P.K'sQuail Run Sports Complex4
11/17/19WEEK 10FINALS
11/17/1910:00amAZ Rangers vs Fulham FCDiv 2 FinalReach 113
11/17/1912:00pmSMV vs AZ LionsDiv 3 FinalReach 113
11/17/192:00 pmBones FC vs Wings FCDiv 1 FinalReach 113