Sunday Adult Soccer League

Fall Season Kicks Off September 8th 2019

The EVPL was created to bring the best adult soccer program possible to the state. We are passionate about providing a quality league experience for all our players and teams to enjoy the beautiful game.

Games are played on Sundays at 9am, 11am, 1pm or 3pm in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

We have multiple divisions of play with some of the best amateur soccer players in the state but also divisions for all skill levels so everyone is welcome to join in.

We’re committed to being the best and welcome all teams to join us as we continue to grow together as a community.

Seasons generally run: January – April (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) July- August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season).

We offer Men’s Open and Over 35 divisions.  Over 35 qualifying players must be 35 the year of the season they are playing in. Teams can have 3 exceptions but must be over 30.

Contact Chris for more info:

Reigning Champions

2019 Summer Division 1 Champions // The Reds

2019 Summer Division 2 Champions // Lobos FC

2019 Summer Division 3 Champions  // Lightspeed FC

D1 Standings

Phoenix Celtic BhoysGreen7001441021

The RedsBlue/White331910-110
AZ RangersOrange232911-28
Footy Cast FCWhite1601122-113

D1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Kyle HowarthLMIC6
Brendan JohnstonLMIC6
Eric CowanThe Reds3
Ben NelsonPhoenix Celtic Bhoys3

D2 Standings

Korona F.CRed/White7003452921
Lobos FCWhite4211541113
Futebol United
SeytansLight Blue430716-912
Tempe UtdBlack241171707
Lionhearts FCMaroon2411117-67
Tempe New BoysWhite05249-52

D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Ami HananKorona FC9
Vincent ArandLionhearts FC8
Brandon MarvinFutebol Utd7
Yahya AllamiKorona FC7

D3 Standings

Lightspeed FCRoyal Blue
Los Blancos White5201912715
Strictly Business SpartansBlack4212015513
Octavian FCMaroon151815-74
FC CobraBlack151828-20

D3 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Sean VeneskyLightspeed FC10
Ryan BrownStrictly Business Spartans6
Joshua CarterLightspeed FC5


Week 1TimeFixtureDivisionResultLocationField #
4/28/198:30 AMThe Reds vs. Footy Cast F.CDiv 13-1Quail Run Park1
4/28/1910:30 AMPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. LWFCDiv 12-0Quail Run Park1
4/28/1912:30 PMLMIC vs. AZ RangersDiv 10-3Quail Run Park1
4/28/198:30 AMLobos F.C vs. SMVDiv 25-2Quail Run Park2
4/28/1910:30 AMTempe United vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 22-1Quail Run Park2
4/28/1912:30 PMKorona F.C vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 24-1Quail Run Park2
4/28/198:30 AMLos Blancos vs. Octavian F.CDiv 32-0Quail Run Park3
4/28/1910:30 AMLightspeed F.C vs. F.C CobraDiv 36-1Quail Run Park3
Week 2
5/5/19730amAZ Rangers vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 11-2Benedict Park1
5/5/19930amFooty Cast F.C vs. LWFCDiv 10-2Benedict Park1
5/5/191130amKorona F.C vs. Lobos F.CDiv 25-0Benedict Park1
5/5/19730amThe Reds vs. LMICDiv 11-2Benedict Park2
5/5/19930amSMV vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 21-1Benedict Park2
5/5/191130amFutebol United vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 26-4Benedict Park2
5/5/19730amSeytans vs. Tempe UnitedDiv 20-7Benedict Park3
5/5/19930amD.O.B vs. Los BlancosDiv 30-5Benedict Park3
5/5/19730amStrictly Business Spartans vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 31-5Benedict Park4
5/5/19930amF.C Cobra vs. Octavian F.CDiv 30-4Benedict Park4
Week 3
5/12/19730amAZ Rangers vs. LWFCDiv 12-0Benedict Park1
5/12/19930amLMIC vs. Footy Cast F.CDiv 16-2Benedict Park1
5/12/191130amTempe Newboys vs. Lobos F.CDiv 21-2Benedict Park1
5/12/19730amSeytans vs. Korona F.CDiv 20-6Benedict Park2
5/12/19930amPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. The RedsDiv 12-1Benedict Park2
5/12/191130amF.C Cobra vs. Los BlancosDiv 31-4Benedict Park2
5/12/19730amTempe United vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 21-3Benedict Park3
5/12/19930amFutebol United vs. SMVDiv 24-3Benedict Park3
5/12/19730amLightspeed F.C vs. D.O.BDiv 36-2Benedict Park4
5/12/19930amOctavian vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 31-3Benedict Park4
Week 4
5/19/19730amLWFC vs. The RedsDiv 10-1Benedict Park1
5/19/19930amLMIC vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 10-2Benedict Park1
5/19/191130amAZ Rangers vs. Footy Cast F.CDiv 14-3Benedict Park1
5/19/19730amSeytans vs. SMVDiv 23-1Benedict Park2
5/19/19930amFutebol United vs. Lobos F.CDiv 21-2Benedict Park2
5/19/191130amF.C Cobra vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 30-5Benedict Park2
5/19/19730amTempe United vs. Korona F.CDiv 21-5Benedict Park3
5/19/19930amOctavian F.C vs. D.O.BDiv 30-0Benedict Park3
5/19/19730amLightspeed F.C vs. Los BlancosDiv 36-3Benedict Park4
5/19/19930amTempe Newboys vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 21-3Benedict Park4
Week 5
6/2/19730amThe Reds vs. AZ RangersDiv 10-0Benedict Park1
6/2/19930amLMIC vs. LWFCDiv 12-1Benedict Park1
6/2/191130amPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. Footy Cast F.CDiv 12-0Benedict Park1
6/2/19730amSeytans vs. Lobos F.CDiv 22-0Benedict Park2
6/2/19930amKorona F.C vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 25-2Benedict Park2
6/2/191130amLionhearts F.C vs. SMVDiv 20-0Benedict Park2
6/2/19730amTempe United vs. Futebol UnitedDiv 22-3Benedict Park3
6/2/19930amD.O.B vs. F.C CobraDiv 33-3Benedict Park3
6/2/19730amLos Blancos vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 30-4Benedict Park4
6/2/19930amLightspeed F.C vs. Octavian F.CDiv 37-2Benedict Park4
Week 6
6/9/19730amLWFC vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 12-3Benedict Park1
6/9/19930amThe Reds vs, Footy Cast F.CDiv 11-4Benedict Park1
6/9/191130amLMIC vs. AZ RangersDiv 12-2Benedict Park1
6/9/19730amTempe United vs. SMVDiv 22-3Benedict Park2
6/9/19930amLionhearts F.C vs. Lobos F.CDiv 20-4Benedict Park2
6/9/191130amD.O.B vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 31-1Benedict Park2
6/9/19730amSeytans vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 21-0Benedict Park3
6/9/19930amFutebol United vs. Korona F.CDiv 21-4Benedict Park3
6/9/19730amOctavian F.C vs. Los BlancosDiv 31-2Benedict Park4
6/9/19930amLightspeed F.C vs. F.C CobraDiv 34-2Benedict Park4
Week 7
6/15/19 SAT730amFutebol Utd vs SeytansDiv 22-0Benedict Park1
6/15/19 SAT930amD.O.B vs Strictly Business SpartansDiv 33-6Benedict Park1
6/16/19730amLWFC vs. Footy Cast F.CDiv 14-1Benedict Park1
6/16/19930amAZ Rangers vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 10-1Benedict Park1
6/16/191130amFutebol United vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 20-0Benedict Park1
6/16/19730amThe Reds vs. LMICDiv 12-1Benedict Park2
6/16/19930amTempe United vs. Lobos F.CDiv 22-2Benedict Park2
6/16/191130amLos Blancos vs. D.O.BDiv 33-0Benedict Park2
6/16/19730amSeytans vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 21-0Benedict Park3
6/16/19930amKorona F.C vs. SMVDiv 25-0Benedict Park3
6/16/19730amStrictly Business Spartans vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 30-5Benedict Park4
6/16/19930amF.C Cobra vs. Octavian F.CDiv 31-0Benedict Park4
Week 8
6/23/19730amAZ Rangers vs LWFCDiv 1 QTR Final3-2Benedict Park1
6/23/19930amThe Reds vs Footy CastDiv 1 QTR Final3-1Benedict Park1
6/23/19730amSeytans vs Tempe UtdDiv 2 QTR Final2-1Benedict Park2
6/23/19930amFutebol Utd vs Lion HeartsDiv 2 QTR Final3-1Benedict Park2
6/23/19730amSMV vs Tempe New BoysDiv 3 Wooden Spoon Final2-0Benedict Park3
6/23/19930amStrictly Business Spartans vs D.O.BDiv 3 QTR Final2-0Benedict Park3
6/23/191130amOctavian vs FC CobraDiv 3 QTR Final4-2Benedict Park3
Week 9
6/30/19730amLMIC vs The RedsDiv 1 SEMI Final0-3Benedict Park1
6/30/19930amPhx Celtic Bhoys vs AZ RangersDiv 1 SEMI Final2-1Benedict Park1
6/30/19730amLobos vs SeytansDiv 2 SEMI Final4-3 P.K'sBenedict Park3
6/30/19930amKorona vs Futebol UtdDiv 2 SEMI Final0-3 P.K'sBenedict Park3
6/30/19730amLos Blancos vs Strictly Business SpartansDiv 3 SEMI Final4-2 P.K'sBenedict Park2
6/30/19930amLightspeed vs OctavianDiv 3 SEMI Final2-1Benedict Park2
Week 10
7/14/2019930amPhx Celtic Bhoys vs The Reds
Div 1 FINALBenedict Park3
7/14/2019730amLobos FC vs Futebol UtdDiv 2 FINALBenedict Park3
7/14/2019730amLightspeed FC vs Los Blancos Div 3 FINALBenedict Park1