Sunday Adult Soccer League

Spring Season Kicks Off January 20th 2019

The EVPL was created to bring the best adult soccer program possible to the state.  We are passionate about providing a quality league experience for all our players and teams to enjoy the beauitful game.

Games are played on Sundays at 9am, 11am, 1pm or 3pm in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa.

We have multiple divisions of play with some of the best amateur soccer players in the state but also divisions for all skill levels so everyone is welcome to join in.

We’re committed to being the best and welcome all teams to join us as we continue to grow together as a community.

Seasons generally run: January – April (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) July- August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season).

We offer Mens Open and Over 35 divisions.  Over 35 qualifying players must be 35 the year of the season they are playing in. Teams can have 3 exceptions but must be over 30.

Contact Adam for more info:

Reigning Champions

2018 Spring-Summer Division 1 Champions // Effen Soccer F.C

2018 Spring-Summer Division 2 Champions // LMIC

2018 Spring-Summer Division 3 Champions  // Seytans

2018 Winter Division 4 Champions // AZ Vietnam

D1 Standings

Red DevilsRed52121111016
Effen Soccer F.CGrey521158716
Diamonds F.CRed53027131415
Hidden Track F.COrange4311717013
Phoenix Celtic BhoysGreen4312226-413
United F.CBaby Blue3231811412
The RedsBlue/White1431624-86
Bafana BafanaPink1521323-10
Chaparral F.CWhite1521223-11

D1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Luis AmarillaPhoenix Celtic14

Ali AlbadiRed Devils4

D2 Standings

Arizona Lions F.CGreen51227141317
Slightly AthleticoYellow/Black3231517-212
Phoenix Rising ReservesPuple/Black3501315-29
Scottsdale ArsenalRed3501322-99
UMB F.CWhite251211837

D2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Ami HananKorona F.C.10
Sebastian BolotnerLWFC6
Josh AlbersKorona F.C3
Slightly AthleticoThad Madzelonka3

D3 Standings

Team Meli F.CGrey6101961318
AZ RangersOrange610241212


Lionhearts F.CMaroon3311416-210
SeytansBaby Blue13312120
Woozy bankersTBA151925-16
Los BlancosWhite160823-15

D3 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Vincent ArandLion Hearts8
Timmy LeAZ Vietnam7

D4 Standings

F.C ArmadaBlue4212481613
F.C CuervoWhite4
Strictly Business SpartansBlack2411319-67
F.C LeonesBlack1
Bulletproof TigersOrange1511031-214

D4 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Ben SmithF.C Cuervo6
Alberto SixtoF.C. Cuervo5
Hunter ClaussenF.C. Armada5

Jian BoldiStrictly Business Spartans3

Over 35 Standings

Big BallersYellow6
Celtic Old FirmGreen43
Tempe UnitedBlack34031
Hazard F.CBlue16

Over 35 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
David HaugeBig Ballers5
Eisa ShamroukhTempe Utd5


DateTimeFixtureDivisionResultLocationField #
9/9/188:00 AMLMIC vs. LWFCDiv 22-2Riverview Park1
9/9/1810:00 AMUMB F.C vs. Arizaona LionsDiv 21-1Riverview Park1
9/9/1812:00 PMThe Reds vs. Diamonds F.CDiv 11-3Riverview Park1
9/9/182:00 PMSlightly Athletico vs. Phoenix Rising ReservesDiv 22-0Riverview Park1
9/9/184:00 PMCeltic Old Firm vs. Hazard F.COver 356-0Riverview Park1
9/9/189:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Scottsdale ArsenalDiv 26-2Riverview Park2
9/9/1811:00 AMEffen Soccer F.C vs. Hidden Track F.CDiv 10-1Riverview Park2
9/9/181:00 PMUnited F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 13-4Riverview Park2
9/9/183:00 PMRed Devils vs. Chaparral F.CDiv 11-1Riverview Park2
9/9/189:00 AMTempe United vs. Big BallersOver 353-4Riverview Park3
9/9/1811:00 AMF.C Armada vs. D.O.BDiv 40-0Riverview Park3
9/9/181:00 PMWoozy Bankers vs. SeytansDiv 32-2Riverview Park3
9/9/183:00 PMLionshearts F.C vs. Los BlancosDiv 36-1Riverview Park3
9/9/189:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. AZ RangersDiv 35-2Riverview Park4
9/9/1811:00 AMTeam Meli F.C vs. SMVDiv 33-1Riverview Park4
9/9/181:00 PMBulletproof Tigers vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 41-7Riverview Park4
9/9/183:00 PMLeones F.C vs. F.C CuervoDiv 41-7Riverview Park4
Week 2
9/16/188:30 AMIncinerators F.C vs. Korona F.CDiv 22-7Riverview Park2
9/16/1810:30 AMLWFC vs. Arizona Lions F.CDiv 23-0Riverview Park2
9/16/1812:30 PMLMIC vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 22-0
Riverview Park2
9/16/182:30 PMHidden Track F.C vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 15-4
Riverview Park2
9/16/184:00 PMScottsdale Arsenal vs. UMB F.CDiv 22-1
Riverview Park2
9/16/189:00 AMCeltic Old Firm vs. Big BallersOver 350-6
Riverview Park3
9/16/1811:00 AMThe Reds vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 12-5
Riverview Park3
9/16/181:00 PMEffen Soccer F.C vs. United F.CDiv 10-0
Riverview Park3
9/16/183:00 PMDiamonds F.C vs. Red DevilsDiv 10-3
Riverview Park3
9/16/189:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. Los BlancosDiv 35-1
Riverview Park4
9/16/1811:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. Woozy BankersDiv 35-0
Riverview Park4
9/16/181:00 PMTeam Meli F.C vs. SeytansDiv 32-1
Riverview Park4
9/16/183:00 PMLionhearts F.C vs. SMVDiv 31-3Riverview Park4
9/16/189:00 AMF.C Armada vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 47-1Riverview Park5
9/16/1811:00 AMTempe United vs. Hazard F.COver 357-1
Riverview Park5
9/16/181:00 PMF.C Leones vs. Strictly Business SpartnasDiv 41-0
Riverview Park5
9/16/183:00 PMD.O.B vs. F.C CuervoDiv 43-2
Riverview Park5
Week 3
09/23/188:30 AMLWFC vs. Scottsdale ArsenalDiv 12-0Riverview Park2
09/23/1810:30 AMEffen Soccer F.C vs. Chaparral F.CDiv 13-0
Riverview Park2
09/23/1812:30 PMThe Reds vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 12-2Riverview Park2
09/23/182:30 PMCeltic Old Firm vs. Tempe UnitedOver 352-4
Riverview Park2
09/23/184:00 PMPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. Red DevilsDiv 13-5
Riverview Park2
09/23/189:00 AMUMB F.C vs. Incinerators F.CDiv 25-2Riverview Park3
09/23/1811:00 AMDiamonds F.C vs. United F.CDiv 12-4
Riverview Park3
09/23/181:00 PMArizona Lions F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 21-1
Riverview Park3
09/23/183:00 PMPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. Korona F.CDiv 21-2Riverview Park3
09/23/189:00 AMLionhearts F.C vs. Woozy BankersDiv 33-2Riverview Park4
09/23/1811:00 AMF.C Armada vs. F.C CuervoDiv 41-3
Riverview Park4
09/23/181:00 PMSMV vs. Los BlancosDiv 31-0
Riverview Park4
09/23/183:00 PMLeones F.C vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 41-1
Riverview Park4
09/23/189:00 AMBig Ballers vs. Hazard F.COver 359-2
Riverview Park5
09/23/1811:00 AMTeam Melli F.C vs. AZ RangersDiv 32-3
Riverview Park5
09/23/181:00 PMAZ Vietnam vs. SeytansDiv 32-1Riverview Park5
09/23/183:00 PMStrictly Business Spartans vs. D.O.BDiv 41-1Riverview Park5
Week 4
9/30/188:30 AMIncinerators vs. LMICDiv 21-0Riverview Park2
9/30/1810:30 AMLWFC vs. UMB F.CDiv 23-2
Riverview Park2
9/30/1812:30 PMCeltic Old Firm vs. Hazard F.COver 356-1Riverview Park2
9/30/182:30 PMPhoenix Celtic Bhoys vs. Hidden TrackDiv 13-5Riverview Park2
9/30/184:30 PMChaparral F.C vs. United F.CDiv 10-2
Riverview Park2
9/30/189:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 21-1
Riverview Park3
9/30/1811:00 AMDiamonds F.C vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 13-1Riverview Park3
9/30/181:00 PMPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. Scottsdale ArsenalDiv 21-4
Riverview Park3
9/30/183:00 PMRed Devils vs. Effen Soccer F.CDiv 11-2
Riverview Park3
9/30/189:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. Woozy BankersDiv 32-3
Riverview Park4
9/30/1811:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. SMVDiv 32-0
Riverview Park4
9/30/181:00 PMLos Blancos vs. Team Meli F.CDiv 31-3Riverview Park4
9/30/183:00 PMLionhearts F.C vs. SeytansDiv 32-2Riverview Park4
9/30/189:00 AMBig Ballers vs. Tempe UnitedOver 354-3
Riverview Park5
9/30/1811:00 AMD.O.B vs. F.C LeonesDiv 45-2
Riverview Park5
9/30/181:00 PMF.C Armada vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 46-0
Riverview Park5
9/30/183:00 PMF.C Cuervo vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 45-0Riverview Park5
Week 5
10/7/188:00 AMChaparral F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 13-4Tempe Sports Complex5
10/7/1810:00 AMCeltic Old Firm vs. Big BallersOver 352-6Tempe Sports Complex5
10/7/1812:00 PMHidden Track vs. United F.CDiv 11-1Tempe Sports Complex5
10/7/182:00 PMEffen Soccer F.C vs. The RedsDiv 13-1Tempe Sports Complex5
10/7/184:00 PMRed Devils vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 14-1Tempe Sports Complex5
10/7/188:00 AMScottsdale Arsenal vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 21-4Tempe Sports Complex6
10/7/1810:00 AMLWFC vs. IncineratorsDiv 24-2Tempe Sports Complex6
10/7/1812:00 PMTempe United vs. Hazard F.COver 3512-0Tempe Sports Complex6
10/7/182:00 PMArizona Lions F.C vs. LMICDiv 26-3Tempe Sports Complex6
10/7/184:00 PMPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. UMB F.CDiv 23-2Tempe Sports Complex6
10/7/189:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. Los BlancosDiv 34-2Benedict Park3
10/7/1811:00 AMTeam Melli F.C vs. Woozy BankersDiv 35-0Benedict Park3
10/7/181:00 PMSMV vs. SeytansDiv 31-1Benedict Park3
10/7/189:00 AMLionhearts F.C vs. AZ VietnamDiv 31-0

Benedict Park1
10/7/1811:00 AMD.O.B vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 44-2Benedict Park1
10/7/181:00 PMF.C Leones vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 40-2Benedict Park1
10/7/183:00 PMF.C Cuervo vs. Strictly Business SpartansDiv 47-4Benedict Park1
Week 6
10/21/188amLWFC vs. Korona F.CDiv 23-0Benedict Park1
10/21/1810amIncinerators F.C vs. Slightly AthelticoDiv 16-2Benedict Park1
10/21/1812pmBafana Bafana vs. United F.CDiv 13-2Benedict Park1
10/21/182pmThe Reds vs. Chaparral F.CDiv 15-5Benedict Park1
10/21/184pmPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. Arizona Lions F.CDiv 22-3Benedict Park1
10/21/188amCeltic Old Firm vs. Tempe UnitedOver 352-2Benedict Park2
10/21/1810amEffen Soccer F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 10-2Benedict Park2
10/21/1812pmHidden Track vs. Diamonds F.CDiv 12-5Benedict Park2
10/21/182pmD.O.B vs. F.C ArmadaDiv 42-1Benedict Park2
10/21/184pmUMB F.C vs. LMICDiv 28-2Benedict Park2
10/21/18830amAZ Vietnam vs. Team Meli F.CDiv 30-1Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852151
10/21/181030amF.C Leones vs. F.C CuervosDiv 43-3Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852151
10/21/181230pmSMV vs. Woozy BankersDiv 35-1Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852151
10/21/18230pmSeytans vs. Los BlancosDiv 33-0Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852151
10/21/18830amAZ Rangers vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 35-1Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 85212
10/21/181030amStrictly Business Spartans vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 40-3
Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852152
10/21/181230pmBig Ballers vs. Hazard F.CDiv 30-3Quail Run Park - 4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 852152
Week 7
10/28/18830amIncinerators vs. Scottsdale ArsenalDiv 21-2Riverview Park2
10/28/181030amTempe United vs. Celtic Old FirmOver 35 - Semi Final0-3Riverview Park2
10/28/181230pmDiamonds F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 17-1Riverview Park2
10/28/18230pmPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. LMICDiv 25-1Riverview Park2
10/28/184:00 PMThe Reds vs. Red DevilsDiv 11-3
Riverview Park2
10/28/189:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Arizona Lions F.CDiv 20-6Riverview Park3
10/28/1811:00 AMUMB F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 21-3Riverview Park3
10/28/181:00 PMEffen Soccer F.C vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 13-1Riverview Park3
10/28/183:00 PMHidden Track vs. Chaparral F.CDiv 13-0Riverview Park3
10/28/189:00 AMWoozy Bankers vs. Los BlancosDiv 31-3Riverview Park4
10/28/1811:00 AMLionhearts F.C vs. Team Meli F.CDiv 30-3Riverview Park4
10/28/181:00 PMAZ Rangers vs. SeytansDiv 33-2Riverview Park4
10/28/183:00 PMStrictly Business Spartans vs. F.C LeonesDiv 41-0Riverview Park4
10/28/189:00 AMLWFC vs. SMVFriendlyRiverview Park5
10/28/1811:00 AMF.C Armada vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 47-2Riverview Park5
10/28/181:00 PMBig Ballers vs. Hazard F.COver 35 - Semi FInal8-0Riverview Park5
10/28/183:00 PMD.O.B vs. F.C CuervosDiv 42-1Riverview Park5
Week 8
11/04/188:00 AMOver 35 Cup Final - Big Ballers vs. Celtic Old FirmOver 358-7Tempe Sports Complex4
11/04/1810:00 AMBafana Bafana vs. Phoenix Celtic BhoysDiv 11-1Tempe Sports Complex4
11/04/1812:00 PMThe Reds vs. United F.CDiv 13-3Tempe Sports Complex4
11/04/182:00 PMUMB F.C vs. Korona F.CDiv 21-2Tempe Sports Complex4
11/04/184:00 PMPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. LWFCDiv 21-0
Tempe Sports Complex4
11/04/188:00 AMScottsdale Arsenal vs. LMICDiv 21-3Tempe Sports Complex5
11/04/1810:00 AMIncinerators vs. Arizona Lions F.CDiv 23-5Tempe Sports Complex5
11/04/1812:00 PMChaprral F.C vs. Diamonds FCDiv 10-5Tempe Sports Complex5
11/04/182:00 PMRed Devils vs. Hidden TrackDiv 13-0
Tempe Sports Complex5
11/04/184:00 PMSMV vs. Woozy BankersDivision 3 Quarter Final7-4Tempe Sports Complex5
11/04/188:00 AMD.O.B vs. Strictly Business SpartansDivision 4 Semi Final 5-2Tempe Sports Complex6
11/04/1810:00 AMF.C Armada vs. Cuervo F.CDivision 4 Semi Final 0-2Tempe Sports Complex6
11/04/1812:00 PMF.C Leones vs. Bulletproof TigersDiv 4 Wooden Spoon Final0-3Tempe Sports Complex6
11/04/182:00 PMSeytans vs. Lionhearts F.CDivision 3 Quarter Final 1-2
Tempe Sports Complex6
11/04/184:00 PMTempe Sports Complex6
11/04/181:00 PMBenedict Park5
11/04/183:00 PMBenedict Park5
Week 9
11/11/189:00 AMChaprral F.C vs. Bafana BafanaDiv 13-0
Benedict Park1
11/11/1811:00 AMDiamonds F.C vs. Effen Soccer F.CDiv 12-4
Benedict Park1
11/11/181:00 PMThe Reds vs. Hidden TrackDiv 11-0
Benedict Park1
11/11/183:00 PMPhoenix Rising Reserves vs. IncineratorsDiv 21-1
Benedict Park1
11/11/18Benedict Park1
11/11/189:00 AMLWFC vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 22-2
Benedict Park2
11/11/1811:00 AMKorona F.C vs. LMICDiv 24-0
Benedict Park2
11/11/181:00 PMScottsdale Arsenal vs. Arizona LionsDiv 21-5
Benedict Park2
11/11/183:00 PMUnited F.C vs. Red DevilsDiv 13-1
Benedict Park2
11/11/18Benedict Park3
11/11/189:00 AMTeam Meli F.C vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 3 Semi Final1-3
Benedict Park3
11/11/1811:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. SMVDiv 3 Semi Final1-0
Benedict Park3
11/11/181:00 PMD.O.B vs. F.C Cuervo Division 4 Cup Final0-3Benedict Park3
11/11/183:00pmLos Blancos vs. Bulletproof TigersConsolation MatchBenedict Park4
Benedict Park4
11/11/181:00 PMBenedict Park4
11/11/183:00 PMBenedict Park4
Week 10
11/18/189amDiamonds F.C vs United F.C
Division 1 Quarter Final2-0Riverview Park2
11/18/1811amHidden Track F.C vs Phoenix Celtic Bhoys
Division 1 Quarter Final 6-5
Riverview Park2
11/18/181pmRiverview Park2
11/18/18230pmRiverview Park2
11/18/184:00 PMRiverview Park2
11/18/189:00 AMKorona F.C vs Scottsdale Arsenal
Division 2 Quarter Final2-1Riverview Park3
11/18/1811:00 AMSlightly Athletico vs Phoenix Rising Reserves
Division 2 Quarter Final5-1Riverview Park3
11/18/181:00 PMAZ Rangers vs Lionhearts F.C
Division 3 Cup Final3-1Riverview Park3
11/18/183:00 PMRiverview Park3
11/18/189:00 AMRiverview Park4
11/18/1811:00 AMRiverview Park4
11/18/181:00 PMRiverview Park4
11/18/183:00 PMRiverview Park4
11/18/189:00 AMRiverview Park5
11/18/1811:00 AMRiverview Park5
11/18/181:00 PMRiverview Park5
11/18/183:00 PMRiverview Park5
Week 11
12/02/189:00 AMRed Devils v Hidden Track F.CDivision 1 Semi Final0-2Riverview Park2
12/02/1811:00 AMEffen Soccer F.C v Diamonds F.CDivision 1 Semi Final0-4
Riverview Park2
12/02/189:00 AMAZ Lions F.C v Slighty Athletico Division 2 Semi Final2-1Riverview Park3
12/02/1811:00 AMLWFC v Korona F.C
Division 2 Semi Final 3-0Riverview Park3
Week 12
12/09/1811:00 AMDiamonds F.C v Hidden Track F.CDivision 1 Cup Final3-2Riverview Park3
12/09/181:00 PMAZ Lions F.C v LWFCDivision 2 Cup Final4-5Riverview Park3