Special Announcement

Sunday Adult Soccer League

NEW SEASON January 16th 2022

Registration is now OPEN!

We are passionate about the beautiful game, we live and breathe it, & our aim in creating the Phoenix Premier League was to bring the best possible adult amateur soccer program to the state. We certainly feel we’ve achieved this.

The Phoenix Premier Leagues offers multiple Divisions from the baller to the rec player. We also offer Open Divisions & over 35 on Saturdays.

Whatever your skill level, we’ll have a Division for it, and all are welcome. Not only do we have the best teams in the state, we also have the most diverse with teams/players from all corners of the globe.

We’re also committed to growing together and firmly believe in our soccer community. Phoenix Premier League and its sister leagues supports local businesses & charities, and is proud to be part of the best soccer community out there! 

Come join us every Sunday, games are between 8am til 4pm, played in Peoria, Glendale and West Phoenix.

Phoenix Premier League runs four seasons during the year: January – March (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) June August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season). 

Need more info: chris@azsportsleague.com

Reigning Champions

2021 Spring Division 1 Champions // UFSC

Division 1 Standings

Real AZRed/Black4011991013
Manchesthair UtdBlack
Brew CrewGrey320201829
AZVN Old BoyzDark Blue2115417
Sand Dragons FCGreen220710-36
SDFC Cobras
VN Phoneix FCWhite130825-173
Vintage UtdWhite/Blue041722-151

Division 1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Tung Thanh PhamBrew Crew8
William StallmanBrew Crew8

Division 2 Standings

Liverpool F.CRed0600000

Division 2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Eric CantonaMan Utd64


DateTimeFixtureResultDivisionField #Location
Week 1ON A BYE:VN Phx F.CTempe Sports Complex
Sept 19th 20218:00 AMVintage Utd vs AZVN Old Boyz2-25Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 19th 20219:45 AMUFSC45 vs. Real AZ2-55Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 19th 202111:30 AMSDFC Cobras vs. Brew Crew3-55Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 19th 20211:15 PMSand Dragons F.C vs Manchesthair Utd1-05Tempe Sports Complex
Week 2
Sept 26th 20218:00 AMCobras vs. Vintage Utd8-02Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 26th 20219:45 AMSand Dragons F.C vs VN Phx F.C3-02Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 26th 202111:30 AMReal AZ vs Brew Crew4-22Tempe Sports Complex
Sept 26th 20211:15 PMUFSC45 vs Manchesthair Utd1-32Tempe Sports Complex
Week 3
ON A BYE:Sand Dragons F.C
Oct 3rd 20218:00 AMSDFC Cobras vs. AZVN Old Boyz0-11Benedict Sports Complex
Oct 3rd 20219:45 AMReal AZ vs. Vintage Utd5-11Benedict Sports Complex
Oct 3rd 202111:30 AMUFSC45 vs. VN Phx F.C13-01Benedict Sports Complex
Oct 3rd 20211:15 PMManchesthair Utd vs. Brew Crew7-11Benedict Sports Complex
Week 4ON A BYE:SDFC Cobras
Oct 10th 20218:00 AMReal AZ vs. AZVN Old Boyz2-12Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 10th 20219:45 AMBrew Crew vs. VN Phx F.C5-22Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 10th 202111:30 AMUFSC45 vs. Sand Dragons F.C3-12Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 10th 20211:15 PMManchesthair Utd vs. Vintage Utd1-02Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 17th 20218:00 AMReal AZ vs. SDFC Cobras3-32Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 17th 20219:45 AMSand Dragons F.C vs Brew Crew2-72Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 17th 202111:30 AMVintage Utd vs. VN Phx F.C4-62Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 17th 20211:15 PMManchesthair Utd vs, AZVN Old Boyz0-12Tempe Sports Complex
Week 6ON A BYE:Real AZ
Oct 24th 20219:45 AMVN Phx F.C vs. AZVN Old Boyz2Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 24th 202111:30 AMBrew Crew vs. UFSC452Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 24th 20211:15 PMManchesthair Utd vs. SDFC Cobras2Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 24th 20213:00 PMVintage Utd vs. Sand Dragons F.C2Tempe Sports Complex
Week 7ON A BYE:Brew Crew
Oct 31st 20219:45 AMVN Phx F.C vs. SDFC Cobras2Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 31st 202111:30 AMAZVN Old Boyz vs.Sand Dragons F.C2Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 31st 20211:15 PMManchesthair Utd vs. Real AZ2Tempe Sports Complex
Oct 31st 20213:00 PMUFSC45 vs. Vintage Utd2Tempe Sports Complex
Week 8ON A BYE:Manchesthair Utd
Nov 7th 2021TBDVintage Utd vs. Brew Crew2Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 7th 2021TBDAZVN Old Boyz vs. UFSC452Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 7th 2021TBDVN Phx F.C vs. Real AZ2Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 7th 2021TBDSand Dragons F.C vs. SDFC Cobras2Tempe Sports Complex
Week 9ON A BYE:Vintage Utd
Nov 14th 2021TBDAZVN Old Boyz vs. Brew Crew5Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 14th 2021TBDSDFC Cobras vs. UFSC455Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 14th 2021TBDSand Dragons F.C vs. Real AZ5Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 14th 2021TBDVN Phx F.C vs. Manchesthair Utd. 5Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 21st 2021TBD Seed 1 vs Seed 4Tempe Sports Complex
Nov 21st 2021TBDSeed 2 vs Seed 3Tempe Sports Complex
Week 11
Dec 5th 2021TBDTBD