Special Announcement

Sunday Adult Soccer League

New season starting January 10th

We are passionate about the beautiful game, we live and breathe it, & our aim in creating the Phoenix Premier League was to bring the best possible adult amateur soccer program to the state. We certainly feel we’ve achieved this.

The Phoenix Premier Leagues offers multiple Divisions from the baller to the rec player. We offer opens, over 35 and over 45 divisions of play.

Whatever your skill level, we’ll have a Division for it, and all are welcome. Not only do we have the best teams in the state, we also have the most diverse with teams/players from all corners of the globe.

We’re also committed to growing together and firmly believe in our soccer community. Phoenix Premier League and its sister leagues supports local businesses & charities, and is proud to be part of the best soccer community out there! 

Come join us every Sunday, games are between 8am til 4pm, played in Peoria, Glendale and West Phoenix.

Phoenix Premier League runs four seasons during the year: January – April (Winter Season) April- May (Spring Season) July- August (Summer Season) and September -December (Fall Season). 

Need more info: chris@azsportsleague.com

Reigning Champions

2020 Summer Division 1 Champions // AZ Warriors

2020 Summer Division 2 Champions // Lightspeed FC

Premier Division Standings

Bones F.CWhite3021871111
Wings F.CWhite31163310
Haboobies F.CBlue3208539
Diamonds F.CWhite2117617
PHX Celtic S.CGreen/White hoops12178-14
Hidden Track F.COrange12147-34
Red DevilsBlue12127-54
AZ WarriorsBlue130410-63

Premier Division Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
David AltonBones FC7
Kirk ShepardDevils5
Ben GumowskiBones FC3
Kebba JobeCeltic Bhoys3

Division 1 Standings

AZ RangersOrange4101612412
Devils IIBlack301104610
Herbswift F.COrange/White212101008
Korona F.CRed/White21114777
Celtic AZBlack 220191096
Zipps F.COrange140722-153
Slightly AthleticoYellow050829-210

Division 1 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Ami HananKorona FC6
Yahya HadiKorona FC6
Ethan VenvertlohLMIC5
Patrick McGrathAZ Rangers4
Abdullah Al AlawiCeltic AZ4

Division 2 Standings

Tempe New BoysWhite4101981112
Mission F.CGrey3021551011
Scott's TotsBlack/White3011741310
Lightspeed F.CTeal211131127
SMV F.CRed22013676
Los BlancosWhite032720-132
Lion Hearts F.CBlue041220-181

Division 2 Golden Boot

Player NameTeam NameGoals
Jean-Paul KleinTempe New Boys10
Alex VedamanikamLightspeed FC 6
Joel VedamanikamLightspeed FC5

Division 3 Standings

Gorditos F.CBlue4011811713
Hardly AthleticRed/Black3022332011
AZVN F.CWhite3111851310
F.C LeonesBlack230913-46
Sons of PitchesBlue131916-74
F.C CobraPurple/White140324-213
Strictly Business SpartansBlack050325-220

Division 3 Golden Boot

Player NameTeamGoals
Chien LeAZVN FC8
Justin BrownSons of Pitches5
Frank SanusiHardly Athletic5


DateTimeFixtureResultDivisionField #Location
Week 1ON BYE: Red Devils, Aces, Devils IIQuail Run Park
4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 85215
9/20/208:00 AMHerbswift vs. Slightly Athletico4-2Div 11Quail Run
9/20/2010:00 AMDevils vs. Bones F.C3-3Premier1Quail Run
9/20/2012:00 PMHaboobies F.C vs. AZ Warriors2-1Premier1Quail Run
9/20/202:00 PMDiamonds F.C vs. Wings F.C0-1Premier1Quail Run
9/20/208:00 AMLMIC vs. Incinerators0-3Div 12Quail Run
9/20/2010:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Zipps F.C2-3Div 12Quail Run
9/20/2012:00 PMHidden Track F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic S.C0-4Premier2Quail Run
9/20/202:00 PMAZ Rangers vs. Celtic AZ2-1Div 12Quail Run
9/20/208:00 AMLobos vs. Los Blancos5-2Div 23Quail Run
9/20/2010:00 AMLionhearts F.C vs. SMV0-7Div 23Quail Run
9/20/2012:00 PMLightspeed F.C vs. Tempe Newboys2-1Div 23Quail Run
9/20/202:00 PMMission FC vs Scott's Tots1-1Div 23Quail Run
9/20/208:00 AMSons Of Pitches vs. Hardly Athletic1-3Div 34Quail Run
9/20/2010:00 AMD.O.B vs. Gorditos F.C0-3Div 34Quail Run
9/20/2012:00 PMF.C Leones vs. AZ Vietnam0-3Div 34Quail Run
9/20/202:00 PMStrictly Business Spartans vs. F.C Cobra0-2Div 34Quail Run
Week 2ON A BYE: Hidden Track, Korona, Scott's Tot's
9/27/208:00 AMCeltic AZ vs. Herbswift F.C2-4Div 11Quail Run
9/27/2010:00 AMDiamonds F.C vs. Haboobies3-2Premier1Quail Run
9/27/2012:00 PMDevils vs. AZ Warriors0-3Premier1Quail Run
9/27/202:00 PMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Wings F.C0-2Premier1Quail Run
9/27/208:00 AMIncinerators vs. AZ Rangers1-5Div 12Quail Run
9/27/2010:00 AMBones F.C vs. Red Devils3-0Premier2Quail Run
9/27/2012:00 PMLMIC vs. Slightly Athletico3-2Div 12Quail Run
9/27/202:00 PMZipps F.C vs. Devils II0-1Div 12Quail Run
9/27/208:00 AMMission F.C vs. ACES3-2Div 23Quail Run
9/27/2010:00 AMTempe Newboys vs. SMV3-0Div 23Quail Run
9/27/2012:00 PMLobos F.C vs. Lightspeed F.C1-6Div 23Quail Run
9/27/202:00 PMLos Blancos vs. Lionhearts F.C2-2Div 23Quail Run
9/27/208:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. D.O.B2-3Div 34Quail Run
9/27/2010:00 AMGorditos F.C vs. F.C Leones5-1Div 34Quail Run
9/27/2012:00 PMSons Of Pitches vs. Strictly Business Spartans7-3Div 34Quail Run
9/27/202:00 PMF.C Cobra vs. Hardly Athletic0-8Div 34Quail Run
Week 3ON A BYE: AZ Warriors, Celtic AZ, Lobos FC
10/4/208:00 AMLMIC vs. Zipps F.C7-3Div 11Quail Run
10/4/2010:00 AMBones F.C vs. Phoenix Celtic S.C6-3Premier1Quail Run
10/4/2012:00 PMDiamonds F.C vs. Hidden Track0-0Premier1Quail Run
10/4/202:00 PMHaboobies vs. Devils1-0Premier1Quail Run
10/4/208:00 AMHerbswift F.C vs. AZ Rangers1-5Div 12Quail Run
10/4/2010:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Incinerators3-1Div 12Quail Run
10/4/2012:00 PMDevils II vs. Slightly Athletico4-1Div 12Quail Run
10/4/202:00 PMRed Devils vs. Wings2-1Premier2Quail Run
10/4/208:00 AMTempe Newboys vs. Los Blancos6-1Div 23Quail Run
10/4/2010:00 AMFC Cobra vs. F.C Leones0-4Div 33Quail Run
10/4/2012:00 PMLionhearts F.C vs. Aces0-5Div 23Quail Run
10/4/202:00 PMSMV vs. Mission F.C0-2Div 23Quail Run
10/4/208:00 AMStrictly Business Spartans vs. AZ Vietnam0-3Div 34Quail Run
10/4/2010:00 AMGordito's vs. Hardly Athletic0-0Div 34Quail Run
10/4/2012:00 PMLightspeed F.C vs. Scotts Tots3-7Div 24Quail Run
10/4/202:00 PMSons Of Pitches vs. D.O.B1-1Div 34Quail Run
Week 4ON A BYE: Celtic Bhoys, LMIC, Lightspeed
10/11/208:00 AMRed Devils vs. Haboobies F.C0-3Premier1Benedict Park
10/11/2010:00 AMDiamonds F.C vs. Devils4-3Premier1Benedict Park
10/11/2012:00 PMAZ Warriors vs. Hidden Track0-3Premier1Benedict Park
10/11/202:00 PMSlightly Athletico vs. Incinerators0-13Div 11Benedict Park
10/11/208:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. Korona F.C3-9Div 12Benedict Park
10/11/2010:00 AMDevils II vs. Herbswift F.C1-1Div 12Benedict Park
10/11/2012:00 PMBones F.C vs. Wings F.C1-1Premier2Benedict Park
10/11/202:00 PMCeltic AZ vs. Zipps F.C11-1Div 12Benedict Park
10/11/208:00 AMAces vs. Tempe Newboys5-6Div 23Benedict Park
10/11/2010:00 AMSMV vs. Los Blancos6-1Div 23Benedict Park
10/11/2012:00 PMScotts Tots vs. Lionhearts F.C3-0Div 23Benedict Park
10/11/202:00 PMMission F.C vs. Lobos F.C7-0Div 23Benedict Park
10/11/208:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. F.C Cobra8-0Div 34Benedict Park
10/11/2010:00 AMStrictly Business vs. Hardly Athletic0-10Div 34Benedict Park
10/11/2012:00 PMGorditos F.C vs. Sons Of Pitches7-0Div 34Benedict Park
10/11/202:00 PMD.O.B vs. F.C Leones5-2Div 34Benedict Park
Week 5ON A BYE: Diamonds, Incinerators, SMV
10/18/208:00 AMZipps F.C vs. AZ Rangers0-1Div 11Quail Run
10/18/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Red Devils0-0Premier1Quail Run
10/18/2012:00 PMDevils vs. Hidden Track3-1Premier1Quail Run
10/18/202:00 PMBones F.C vs. AZ Warriors5-0Premier1Quail Run
10/18/208:00 AMHerbswift F.C vs. Korona F.C0-0Div 12Quail Run
10/18/2010:00 AMDevils II vs. LMIC4-2Div 12Quail Run
10/18/2012:00 PMCeltic AZ vs. Slightly Athletico5-3Div 12Quail Run
10/18/202:00 PMWings F.C vs. Habboobies F.C1-0Premier2Quail Run
10/18/208:00 AMAces vs. Los Blancos1-1Div 23Quail Run
10/18/2010:00 AMTempe Newboys vs. Lionhearts F.C3-0Div 23Quail Run
10/18/2012:00 PMScotts Tots vs. Lobos F.C6-0Div 23Quail Run
10/18/202:00 PMMission F.C vs. Lightspeed F.C2-2Div 23Quail Run
10/18/208:00 AMF.C Cobra vs. D.O.B1-4Div 34Quail Run
10/18/2010:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. Hardly Athletic2-2Div 34Quail Run
10/18/2012:00 PMF.C Leones vs. Sons Of Pitches2-0Div 34Quail Run
10/18/202:00 PMGorditos F.C vs. Strictly Business Spartans3-0Div 34Quail Run
Week 6ON A BYE: Haboobies, Zipps FC, Lionhearts
10/25/208:00 AMHidden Track vs. Red DevilsPremier1Benedict Park
10/25/2010:00 AMBones F.C vs. Diamonds F.CPremier1Benedict Park
10/25/2012:00 PMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. DevilsPremier1Benedict Park
10/25/202:00 PMWings F.C vs. AZ WarriorsPremier1Benedict Park
10/25/208:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. Gorditos F.CDiv 32Benedict Park
10/25/2010:00 AMF.C Cobra vs. Sons Of PitchesDiv 32Benedict Park
10/25/2012:00 PMD.O.B vs. Strictly BusinessDiv 32Benedict Park
10/25/202:00 PMF.C Leones vs. Hardly AthleticoDiv 32Benedict Park
10/25/208:00 AMAces vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 23Benedict Park
10/25/2010:00 AMLobos F.C vs. SMVDiv 23Benedict Park
10/25/2012:00 PMScotts Tots vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 23Benedict Park
10/25/202:00 PMMission F.C vs. Los BlancosDiv 23Benedict Park
10/25/208:00 AMKorona F.C vs. LMICDiv 14Benedict Park
10/25/2010:00 AMHerbswift F.C vs. IncineratorsDiv 14Benedict Park
10/25/2012:00 PMSlightly Athletico vs. AZ RangersDiv 14Benedict Park
10/25/202:00 PMDevils II vs. Celtic AZDiv 14Benedict Park
Week 7ON A BYE: Devils, AZ Rangers, Mission FC
11/1/208:00 AMHerbswift F.C vs. LMICDiv 11Quail Run
11/1/2010:00 AMRed Devils vs. Diamonds F.CPremier1Quail Run
11/1/2012:00 PMAZ Warriors vs. Phoenix Celtic S.CPremier1Quail Run
11/1/202:00 PMWings F.C vs. Hidden TrackPremier1Quail Run
11/1/208:00 AMSlightly Athletico vs. Zipps F.CDiv 12Quail Run
11/1/2010:00 AMHaboobies F.C vs. Bones F.CPremier2Quail Run
11/1/2012:00 PMCeltic AZ vs. IncineratorsDiv 12Quail Run
11/1/202:00 PMKorona F.C vs. Devils IIDiv 12Quail Run
11/1/208:00 AMAces vs. SMVDiv 23Quail Run
11/1/2010:00 AMLobos F.C vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 23Quail Run
11/1/2012:00 PMScotts Tots vs. Los BlancosDiv 23Quail Run
11/1/202:00 PMLionhearts F.C vs. Lightspeed F.CDiv 23Quail Run
11/1/208:00 AMAZ Vietnam vs. Sons Of PitchesDiv 34Quail Run
11/1/2010:00 AMF.C Leones vs. Strictly BusinessDiv 34Quail Run
11/1/2012:00 PMGorditos F.C vs. F.C CobraDiv 34Quail Run
11/1/202:00 PMD.O.B vs. Hardly AthleticDiv 34Quail Run
Week 8ON A BYE: Bones FC, Herbswift, Los Blancos
11/8/208:00 AMCeltic AZ vs. LMICDiv 11Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2010:00 AMHidden Track vs. Haboobies F.CPremier1Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2012:00 PMAZ Warriors vs. Red DevilsPremier1Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/202:00 PMDevils vs. Wings F.CPremier1Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/208:00 AMKorona F.C vs. Slightly AthleticoDiv 12Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2010:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Diamonds F.CPremier2Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2012:00 PMIncinerators vs. Zipps F.CDiv 12Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/202:00 PMDevils II vs. AZ RangersDiv 12Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/208:00 AMAces vs. Scotts TotsDiv 25Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2010:00 AMLightspeed F.C vs. SMVDiv 25Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/2012:00 PMLobos F.C vs. Lionhearts F.CDiv 25Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/202:00 PMMission F.C vs. Tempe NewboysDiv 25Tempe Sports Complex
11/8/208:00 AMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34TBD
11/8/2010:00 AMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34TBD
11/8/2012:00 PMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34TBD
11/8/202:00 PMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34TBD
Week 9ON A BYE: Wings FC, Slightly Athletico, Tempe New Boys
11/15/208:00 AMPhoenix Celtic S.C vs. Haboobies F.CPremier1Quail Run
11/15/2010:00 AMBones vs. Hidden TrackPremier1Quail Run
11/15/2012:00 PMAZ Warriors vs. Diamonds F.CPremier1Quail Run
11/15/202:00 PMRed Devils vs. DevilsPremier1Quail Run
11/15/208:00 AMAZ Rangers vs. LMICDiv 12Quail Run
11/15/2010:00 AMDevils II vs. IncineratorsDiv 12Quail Run
11/15/2012:00 PMCeltic AZ vs. Korona F.CDiv 12Quail Run
11/15/202:00 PMZipps F.C vs. Herbswift F.CDiv 12Quail Run
11/15/208:00 AMLobos F.C vs. AcesDiv 23Quail Run
11/15/2010:00 AMLightspeed F.C vs. Los BlancosDiv 23Quail Run
11/15/2012:00 PMScotts Tots vs. SMVDiv 23Quail Run
11/15/202:00 PMLionhearts F.C vs. Mission F.CDiv 23Quail Run
11/15/208:00 AMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34Quail Run
11/15/2010:00 AMDiv 3 PlayoffsDiv 34Quail Run
11/15/2012:00 PM4Quail Run
11/15/202:00 PM4Quail Run
Week 10
11//22/20PlayoffsQuail Run