Women's Basketball League

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

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Women's league basketball

Photo by Jn

Congratulations to reigning champs – Cougars!

Women's league basketball

Next season starts August 19th due to gym flooding.

August 12th there will be a Free Agent night where all free agents will come play pickup and we will make teams from there. Full teams will start the week following.

We have three men’s leagues running with over 200 players so we know our women’s league will be great with all of the demand we have seen in town.

WHAT IS FREE AGENT NIGHT?: We take all registered free agents and play 2-3 hours of pickup games. We then create equal teams from those free agents to make teams for the season. Great way to make new friends and teammates!

Women's league basketball


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  • When: Next season starts August 19th.
  • What: 8 games minimum. 40 minute long games. Minimum of Semi finals and finals.
  • Where: Thursday’s @ Tempe Redemption Church Gym – 2150 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85258.
  • Who: Female players of all skill levels. Will divide into D1 & D2 once demand is met for both leagues.
  • Rosters: 8 minimum
  • Cost: $625 per team or $75 per person as free agent.
  • How: Click the “Sign up” link and register now!
Women's league basketball

Photo by Jaron Quach

TeamWinLossPoint Differential
Lady Gators70362
Kinda Still Got It5298
Savage Storm4323
Lady Doves34-5
Brick Layers25-61
Roosevelt Roughriders16-119
Lady PICS16-142

6/3/21 - Week 1Always Court 2 (furthest from entry doors)Bring dark & light shirts!Pickup trash
6:00pm2 (furthest from entry doors)Lady Gators vs. Brick Layers71-21
6:45pm2 (furthest from entry doors)Lady Doves vs. Lady PICS44-28
7:30pm2 (furthest from entry)Kinda Still Got It vs. Roosevelt Roughriders70-19
8:15pm2 (furthest from entry)Cougars vs. Savage Storm66-50
9:00pm2 (furthest from entry)WAB vs. Pumas71-29
6/10 - Week 22Bring dark & Light shirts!
6:00pm2Lady PICS vs. Kinda Still Got It47-62
6:45pm2Lady Doves vs. WAB42-43
7:30pm2Lady Gatorsvs. Cougars80-55
8:15pm2Pumas vs. Savage Storm50-63
9:00pm2Brick Layersvs. Roosevelt Roughriders39-38
6/17 - Week 32
6:00pm2Brick Layers vs. WAB43-44
6:45pm2Lady PICS vs. Roosevelt Roughriders15-40
7:30pm2Savage Storm vs. Lady Doves54-59
8:15pm2Kinda Still Got It vs. Lady Gators30-54
9:00pm2Cougars vs. Pumas50-26
6/24 - Week 42
6:00pm2Roosevelt Roughriders vs. WAB35-70
6:45pm2Pumas vs. Kinda Still Got It46-63
7:30pm2Cougars vs. Lady Doves59-27
8:15pm2Savage Storm vs. Brick Layers50-30
9:00pm2Lady PICS vs. Lady Gators112-37
7/1 - Week 52
6:00pm2Pumas vs. Roosevelt Roughriders46-43
6:45pm2Kinda Still Got It vs. Cougars54-57
7:30pm2Savage Storm vs. Lady PICS46-37
8:15pm2WAB vs. Lady Gators102-36
9:00pm2Brick Layers vs. Lady Doves34-40
7/8 - Week 62
6:00pm2Lady Doves vs. Kinda Still Got It42-44
6:45pm2Lady PICS vs. Cougars22-58
7:30pm2Pumas vs. Brick Layers43-50
8:15pm2Roosevelt Roughriders vs. Lady Gators37-102
9:00pm2Savage Storm vs. WAB66-74
7/15 - Week 72
6:00pm2Lady Gators vs. Lady Doves91-30
6:45pm2Brick Layers vs. Kinda Still Got It41-81
7:30pm2Roosevelt Roughriders vs. Savage Storm57-67
8:15pm2WAB vs. Cougars26-42
9:00pm2Pumas vs. Lady PICS30-33
7/29 - Playoffs
6:00pm2Consolation final - 9v10Roosevelt Roughriders v Lady PICS
6:45pm21v8 (Game 1)Lady Gators v Pumas
7:30pm22v7 (Game 2)Cougars v Brick Layers
8:15pm23v6 (Gam 3)Kinda Still Got It v Lade Doves
9:00pm24v5 (Game 4)WAB v Savage Storm
8/5 - Semis & Finals& Free Agent Night
Last Day to SignupFor Next Season
6:00pm1Semis - Game 1 v Game 4
6:00pm2Semis - Game 2 v Game 3
7:45pm1Free Agent pickupfor signed up FA - Free Agents without teams only due to space
New season startsAug. 12th

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