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Welcome to the Arizona Sports League

Arizona Sports League is your one stop spot for intramural sport events and various activities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We stands apart in the respect that we’re actually a combination of different leagues owned and operated independently but joined with a common goal of offering people a choice. Other sport leagues are operated by a select group of individuals trying to run a multitude of sports and not by individuals that love playing the sport for the sport itself. Our current selection of sports include dodgeball, tennis, soccer, kickball, and basketball. We are expanding and looking to add to our family of leagues. If you have a league or activity that will be ideally suited for active adults then let us know, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

If you have an activity that you love doing and want to share it with everyone let us know, we’re always looking to expand our selection.

Tri-Sport Tournament:

Do you want to challenge your team’s athletic prowess? Here’s your chance. The Tri-Sport Tournament will consist of teams competing in various sports for the honor to be crowned champions! The tournament is flexible to allow teams to choose which three sport they want out of the following four: Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee. Simply sign up and we’ll be in touch with the sports you might want to play.

Tri-Sport Tournament


The Arizona Sports League has the largest selection of adult soccer league in the east valley. We offer leagues almost every night of the week in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, and other locations. Our leagues range from the casual player who’s out there to kick the ball around to the more competitive player seeking the ultimate in competition. We have Friday coed, Saturday men, Sunday men, small goal, and over 35 leagues. If you’re seeking a great way to get some exercise in and meet new friends you found it with our soccer leagues.

Soccer Home Page


Kickball… Kickball… yes we have that! The popular kids game played by adults. Our fun and exciting kickball league. focus on a way to unwind after a hard days work. We make the games fun by doing theme nights and our after game parties!

Kickball Home Page

Sloshball Tournaments:

Looking for a way to relax and spend time with some friends on a particular day? Are you over the legal limit and enjoy having a few drinks? Thought about taking out some aggression by kicking a little red ball? Why not combine them all in our Sloshball tournaments. They’re designed to involve all the above and more.


Not a fan of using your feet in sports? How about trying your hands doing some bump, set, and spike actions! We have volleyball leagues and hosts tournaments during the year.

Volleyball Home Page

Flag Football:

Want to try and make plays like the pros? Give it a shot in our Flag Football league. We stand apart by having a top notch games and offering various awards like the Golden Glove for the most touchdown passes caught.

Flag Football Home Page

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