Thursday Night Volleyball

League Coordinator - Mark Watson


New Season in Tempe Thursday Nights October 11th! 

As with all our other leagues, we strive to provide a casual and fun volleyball events for everyone to enjoy.

We run various volleyball leagues and volleyball tournaments throughout the year with the focus on adult players looking to have some fun in the sand, meet some new people and enjoy social volleyball.

Current league’s are in Tempe, Scottsdale and Glendale.

Here’s the league info:

What?  CoEd 4’s – Adults

Where?  Kiwanis Park Tempe

When?  Thursday Nights between 7-10pm

Who?  Male and female players.  All skill levels.  Adultd 18+

Info?  The league runs 7 weeks.  6 weeks of league play and a week of playoffs.  2 games per night.  $43 for the season per player or $160 per team of 4.  Trophies & prizes for winners. Social party at the end of the season.

How?  Click payment on the right to sign up or check our the FAQ to answer any questions.

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League Announcements



Kiss My Ace7349
Debt Dominators7163
Pitty Sets76118
Notorious D.I.G74312
Husker Squad74312
Deuce Digalow7163
21 Bump Street7256
Some Spike it Hot7256
Fantastic Spikes and Where to Dig Them75215
Schrute Farms75215
Basic Beaches74312
New Kids on the Block7070
Bump & Save76118
Sandy Pits7256
Hit it and Quit it75215
I Spike it Like That7256
Bumpin Buckeyes75215
The DIG Lebowski7163
Mission Unblockable76118


 Court 1Court 2Court 3
Week 1- 1/17
7:15 PMForrest Bump vs Rolling on the VolleyBump&Save vs Orville Ready BlockerChewblocka vs Schrute Farms
8:15 PMDebt Dominators vs Block n RollPitty Sets vs Notorious D.I.GBasic Beaches vs Serves Up
9:15 PM
Week 2 - 1/24Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMBump&Save vs Pitty SetsBasic Beaches vs Block n RollNotorious D.I.G vs Serves Up
8:15 PMSchrute Farms vs Forrest BumpOrville Ready Blocker vs Debt DominatorsChewblocka vs Rolling on the Volley
9:15 PM
Week 3 - 1/31Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMOrville Ready Blocker vs Serves UpBump&Save vs Block N RollPitty Sets vs Schrute Farms
8:15 PMBasic Beaches vs ChewblockaForrest Bump vs Notorious D.I.GDebt Dominators vs Rolling on the Volley
9:15 PM
Week 4 - 2/7Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMSchrute Farms vs Debt DominatorsChewblocka vs Notorious D.I.GBasic Beaches vs Bump&Save
8:15 PMRolling on the Volley vs Block N RollServes Up vs Pitty SetsForrest Bump vs Orville Ready Blocker
9:15 PM
Week 5 - 2/14Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMBasic Beaches vs Notorious D.I.GServes Up vs Schrute FarmsRolling on the Volley vs Pitty Sets
8:15 PMDebt Dominators vs Bump&SaveOrville Ready Blocker vs Block N RollChewblocka vs Forrest Bump
9:15 PM
Week 6 - 2/21Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMBlock N Roll vs Forrest BumpBump&Save vs Rolling on the VolleyDebt Domintors vs Pitty Sets
8:15 PMChewblocka vs Serves UpSchrute Farms vs Basic BeachesNotorious D.I.G vs Orville Ready Blocker
9:15 PM
Week 7 - 2/28Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:15 PMNotorious D.I.G vs Schrute FarmsChewblocka vs Block N RollRolling on the Volley vs Serves Up
8:15 PMBump&Save vs Forrest BumpOrville Ready Blocker vs Pitty SetsBasic Beaches vs Debt Dominators
9:15 PM
Playoffs- RD 1
Week 8 - 3/7Court 1Court 2Court 3