Wednesday Basketball Phoenix

League Coordinator - Fraser Laveay

Special Announcement

Congrats to Winter Season Champs!

Div 1 – 7 Deadly Sins

Div 2 – East Side Ball

Hoop it up with us in Phoenix’s premier basketball leagues. 

We offer Phoenix’s largest basketball leagues for all levels with Competitive and Open/Rec divisions. The Open division is not a true co-ed as there are no rules for female players, however we have a ton of female players in the league that love it! 

We play at locations in downtown Phoenix on Wednesdays and in Tempe on Thursdays.



  • When: Season Starts Feb. 19th.
  • What: Adult basketball. 8 games minimum. 40 minute long games. Semi finals and finals.
  • Where: Wednesdays @ Sun Devil Fitness Complex downtown Phoenix. 330 N. 1st Avenue. Phoenix, AZ 85003.
  • Who: Male and female players of all skill levels. Competitive & Open/Rec divisions. Open is not true co-ed but many females play and love it.
  • Rosters: 8 minimum and 10 maximum per team
  • Cost: $675 per team or $80 to be a free agent.
  • How: Click the “Sign up” link and register now!

League Announcements

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Standings

DTPHX Basketball Standings - A Division

Team NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
7 Deadly SinsBlack440337253+84
Dunkin DonutsBlue321198177+21
808s & FastbreaksBaby Blue422239259-20
Forestella CustomsBlack312197204-7
Team ProlificWhite & Purple413249260-11
MambasBlack & Purple303180245-65

DTPHX Basketball Standings - B Division

Team NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
West Lillie Hoops330208141+67
Mt VulcanRed330176140+36
White ChicksPurple321203182+21
Threat Level Midnight321201179+22
Valley BoyzBaby Blue321182160+22
Phoenix Job CorpsBlack & White312149122+27
Young Guns312112159-47
The MentalityTeal312110158-48
Squad UberTropical Blue303184207-23
Team CanadaYellow303188214-26

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Schedule

DateTimeHomeAwayResultDivisionCourt #Location
2/19/20WEEK 1ASU Downtown SDFC Gym
330 1st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
2/19/207:00pmDunkin Donuts808s & Fastbreaks62-45D11ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/207:45pm34sTeam Prolific62-48D11ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/208:30pm7 Deadly SinsMambas105-51D11ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/209:15pmOwlsForestella Customs63-71D11ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/2010:00pmWhite ChicksSquad Uber60-49D21ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/207:00pmYoung GunsPHX Job Corps26-76D22ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/207:45pmValley BoyzMt Vulcan59-69D22ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/208:30pmTeam CanadaWest Lillie Hoops54-79D22ASU SDFC Downtown
2/19/209:15pmMentalityThreat Level Midnight38-75D22ASU SDFC Downtown
2/26/20WEEK 2ASU Downtown SDFC Gym
330 1st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
2/26/207:00pm34s7 Deadly77-93D11
2/26/207:45pmDunkin' DonutsTeam Prolific76-66D11
2/26/208:30pm808s & Fastbreaks (PLAYS TWICE TONIGHT)Mambas64-59D11
2/26/209:15pm808s & Fastbreaks (PLAYS TWICE TONIGHT)Forestella Customs68-63D11
2/26/207:00pmYoung GunsMentality49-28D22
2/26/207:45pmTeam CanadaWhite Chicks67-68D22
2/26/208:30pmValley BoyzPhoenix Job Core48-26D22
2/26/209:15pmSquad UberMt Vulcan34-46D22
2/26/2010:00pmThreat Level MidnightWest Lillie50-74D22
3/4/207pmMambas34s (plays twice)65-66D11
3/4/207:45pmForestella Customs34s (plays twice)65-71D11
3/4/208:30pmDunkin' Donuts7 Deadly Sins (plays twice)60-64D11
3/4/209:15pm808s & FastbreaksTeam Prolific62-75D11
3/4/2010:00pmTeam Prolific7 Deadly Sins (plays twice)60-65D11
3/4/207:00pmMentalitySquad Uber44-34D22
3/4/207:45pmYoung GunsWest Lillie37-55D22
3/4/208:30pmTeam CanadaThreat Level Midnight67-76D22
3/4/209:15pmValley BoyzWhite Chicks75-66D22
3/4/2010:00pmMt VulcanPHX Job Core61-47D22
Week 4
3/187:00pm34s808s & FastbreaksD11
3/187:45pm7 Deadly SinsForestella Customs (2 games today)D11
3/188:30pmTeam ProlificForestella Customs (2 Games today)D11
3/189:15pmDunkin' DonutsMambasD11
3/187:00pmWhite ChicksPhoenix Job CoreD22
3/187:45pmYoung GunsTeam CanadaD22
3/188:30pmMentalityMt VulcanD22
3/189:15pmWest LillieSquad UberD22
3/1810:00pmValley BoyzThreat Level MidnightD21
3/257:00pm808s & Fastbreaks7 Deadly SinsD11
3/257:45pmDunkin Donuts34sD11
3/258:30pmForestella CustomsMambas (2 Games tonight)D11
3/259:15pmTeam ProlificMambas (2 Games tonight)D11
3/257:00pmValley BoyzTeam CanadaD22
3/257:45pmThreat Level MidnightMt VulcanD22
3/258:30pmWest LilliePhoenix Job CoreD22
3/259:15pmMentalityWhite ChicksD22
3/2510:00pmSquad UberYoung GunsD22
4/17:00pmTeam Prolific7 Deadly SinsD11
4/18:30pmDunkin' Donuts (2 games tonight)Forestella CustomsD11
4/19:15pmDunkin Donuts (2 games today)808s & FastbreaksD11
4/17:00pmValley BoyzYoung GunsD22
4/17:45pmMt VulcanWhite ChicksD22
4/18:30pmPhoenix Job CoreTeam CanadaD22
4/19:15pmSquad UberThreat Level MidnightD22
4/110:00pmWest LillieMentalityD21
WEEK 7 & D1 Playoffs
4/8#1 Seed 1st Round ByePlays at 9:15
4/87:00pm2 Seed7 SeedD11
4/87:45pm3 Seed6 SeedD11
4/88:30pm4 Seed5 SeedD11
4/89:15pm1 SeedLowest remaining seed to advanceD11
4/87:00pmMentalityTeam CanadaD22
4/87:45pmYoung GunsWhite ChicksD22
4/88:30pmMt VulcanWest LillieD22
4/89:15pmThreat Level MidnightPhoenix Job CoreD22
4/810:00pmSquad UberValley BoyzD22
D2 PLAYOFFS (1 seed Bye to Semis)D1 Final
4/157:15pmD1FINALD11 (2 refs)
4/158:00pm5 Seed10 seedD21
4/158:00pm6 Seed9 SeedD22
4/158:45pm7 Seed8 SeedD21
4/158:45pm4 SeedWinner 5/10D22
4/159:30pm2 SeedWinner 7/8D21
4/159:30pm3 SeedWinner 6/9D22
D2 Semis & Finals
4/227:00pm-9pmFREE AGENT PICKUP2
4/227:00pmReseededSemi Final 11 (2 refs)
4/227:00pmReseededSemi Final 21 (2 refs)
4/228:00pmD2Final1 (2 refs)