Wednesday Basketball Phoenix

League Coordinator - Mark Watson

Hoop it up with us in Phoenix’s premier basketball leagues.

We offer Phoenix’s largest basketball leagues with all levels of play including Men’s Rec, Intermediate or Competitive as well as Coed Rec or Intermediate.

We play at locations all over the city so you should find a convenient location for you to get in the game.


League Announcements

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Standings

DTPHX Basketball Standings - A Division

RankTeam NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
17 Deadly Sins761634549+85
2Dunkin Donutsblue743502463+39
33rd Street743588566+22
4Friday Morning Runs853590591-1

DTPHX Basketball Standings - B Division

RankTeam NameJersey ColorGames PlayedWonLostPoints ScoredPoints AgainstPoint Differential
1West Lillie HoopsPurple871424334+90
2ICF BallersBlack/blue853444342+102
3REBU TechBlack844343390-47
5Chef Curry817351376-25

Downtown Phoenix Basketball Schedule

DateTimeMatchResultDivisionCourt #Location
WEEK 1ASU Downtown SDFC Gym
330 1st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
9/4/20196:40 PM7 deadly sins vs Friday Morning Runs68-64A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20197:25 PM3rd Street vs Monstars70-64A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20198:10 PMMonstars vs Dunkin Donuts56-83A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20198:55 PMTBAA1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20196:40 PMREBU Tech vs Revolvers41-38B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20197:25 PMFriday Morning Runs vs Owls76-72A2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20198:10 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs Chef Curry 2.063-43B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/20198:55 PMTBAB2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/4/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20196:40 PM3rd Street vs Owls82-85A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20197:25 PMDunkin Donuts vs Friday Morning Runs63-67A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20198:10 PMMonstars vs 7 deadly sins63-80A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20196:40 PMICF Ballers vs Revolvers57-49B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20197:25 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs REBU Tech64-36B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20198:10 PMChef Curry 2.0 vs REBU Tech54-39B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/11/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20196:40 PMDunkin Donuts vs 7 deadly sins72-76A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20197:25 PMOwls vs Monstars75-64A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20198:10 PM3rd Street vs Friday Morning Runs91-88A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20196:40 PMICF Ballers vs REBU Tech48-49B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20197:25 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs ICF Ballers31-35B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20198:10 PMChef Curry 2.0 vs Revolvers48-67B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/18/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20196:40 PMDunkin Donuts vs Owls71-54A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20197:25 PMMonstars vs 3rd Street92-106A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20198:10 PM7 deadly sins vs Friday Morning Runs103-74A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20196:40 PMRevolvers vs West Lillie Hoops50-66B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20197:25 PMChef Curry 2.0 vs ICF Ballers45-79B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20198:10 PMREBU Tech vs Chef Curry 2.046-42B2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
9/25/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20196:40 PMFriday Morning Runs vs Monstars67-62A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20197:25 PM3rd Street vs Dunkin Donuts83-84A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20198:10 PMOwls vs 7 Deadly Sins70-83A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20196:40 PMICF Ballers vs REBU Tech43-48B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20197:25 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs Revolvers65-59B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20198:10 PMChef Curry 2.0 vs West Lillie Hoops34-45B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/2/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20196:40 PMMonstars vs Owls50-54A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20197:25 PM7 deadly Sins vs 3rd Street74-76A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20198:10 PMFriday Morning Runs vs Dunkin Donuts57-59A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20196:40 PMICF Ballers vs Revolvers73-37B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20197:25 PMRevolvers vs Chef Curry 2.057-47B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20198:10 PMWest Lillie Hoops vs REBU Tech50-43B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/9/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20196:40 PMDunkin Donuts vs 7 deadly sins69-70A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20197:25 PM3rd Street vs Monstars80-79A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20198:10 PMOwls vs Friday Morning Runs73-97A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20198:55 PMA1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20196:40 PMICF Ballers vs West Lillie Hoops34-35B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20197:25 PMChed Curry 2.0 vs ICF Ballers49-75B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20198:10 PMRevolvers vs REBU Tech51-41B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/20198:55 PMB2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/16/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20196:40 PM4 Friday Morning Runs vs 5 OwlsA1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20197:25 PM3 3rd Street vs 6 MonstarsA1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20198:10 PM2 Dunkin Donuts vs Winner of 3 vs 6A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20198:55 PM1 7 Deadly Sins vs Winner of 4 vs 5A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/2019A1ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20196:40 PM4 Revolvers vs 5 Chef CurryB2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20197:25 PM2 ICF Ballers vs 3 REBU TechB2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20198:10 PM1 West Lillie Hoops vs Winner of 4 vs 5B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/20198:55 PM
B Division Championship
Winner of 2 vs 3 vs Winner of 1 vs 4/5B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/23/2019B2ASU SDFC Downtown
10/30/20197:00 PMNew Season Open Run
10/30/20198:15 PMA Division Championship